Saturday, November 24, 2012

Support Handmade and Local

Support the United States Economy by buying local on Etsy

Do you look at where items that you purchase are made?  I find it amazing that most of what I look at is made outside of the United States.  No wonder there is so much unemployment and underemployment in the U.S.   As the holiday shopping season gets underway, consider trying to keep some of your hard earned money in the United States.  Also, consider buying handmade and local from Etsy on Cyber Monday.  There are lots of artisans from Delaware selling on Etsy.  

Items displayed are from Etsy shops of DE, MD, and PA. 
  These are some of the variety of handmade items made by local artisans and available through Etsy.  We have a thread you can look at on for our Delaware Etsy Street Team Members that are offering sales on Black Friday through Cyber Monday 2012.
Bay Moon Design Etsy Shop is offering 10% off through Monday with coupon code DESTFF10

  If you are in Lewes, Delaware next weekend stop in the local stores to see some great items.  Also, handmade artisan items will be on sale at the Children's Beach House and the Lewes Yacht Club.  I will be at the Lewes Yacht Club all day Saturday with artisan jewelry and handmade cards.

Today is Support Local Owned Business.  Here are a few reasons why:

1.  Preserve Local Character and Prosperity in an increasingly homogenized world.

2. Build a Strong Community

3. Help Keep Local Decision-Making

4.  Keep Dollars in the Local Economy

5.  Create Local Jobs and Wages

6.  Entrepreneurship Fuels America's Economic Innovation and Prosperity

7.  Environmental Sustainability

8.  Product Diversity

What is next on my blog?   

Floral Holiday Blog is next Saturday Dec. 1

 Next Saturday, see what I did with a kit of beads that I was sent.

Bead Kit sent to Bay Moon Design

 This kit consists of lucite flowers and beads, Czech glass leaves, and some miscellaneous beads.  The kits were randomly assigned.  We are to relate what we make to a December holiday.

I combine the above items with the beads in the kit to create my jewelry for the blog hop.


Stop by to see what holiday I select and what I create.  Between now and then consider shopping local.


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