Friday, November 30, 2012

Floral Holiday Bog Hop Celebrates December Holiday

Bay Moon Design floral necklace represents the Mexican holiday of Las Posadas

When I looked at the beads in my kit, the first holiday that I connected them with was the Mexican holiday of Las Posados. The colors of the beads remind me of the poinsettias and dahlias found in Mexico. I knew that I wanted to create those flowers.

Bead kit that I had to work with

I have been anxious to work with a necklace blank. I purchased one form B'sue Boutiques. I also wanted to bring out the green in the leaves of the flowers with some green silk ribbon that I had from my "Down by the River Collection" of silks by Marsha Neal Studio. I just also used lots of 2 inch sterling silverhead pins and a 3 inch head pin for the white ceramic forcal as well as an F crochet hook for the ribbon. I used sterling silver earwires because they were easy to bend around the blank.

Head Pins, Crochet Hook, Necklace Blank, and Silk Ribbon Were Used Along with the Bead Kit

I used sterling silver ear wire to create the flowers and to attach them as well as the leaves to the frame. After I used a small bead and head pin to go through each flower, I wrapped the pin head around the frame of the necklace blank. From my silk ribbon stash I pulled 2 green colored 2 mm silks from Marsha Neal Studio's "Down by the River" collection. If you follow my blog, you will remember that I entered her contest to create and name a silk ribbon collection. I am proud to say that I put this particular collection together in the Spring. I used an F crochet hook to make slip stitches with the ribbon. I attached one crocheted ribbon to the left side of the necklace bland and one to the right side. I love how the silk looks with the colors in the necklace.

Religious Tiles and Statues Are Common throughout Mexico

A wonderful Mexican Christmas tradition, las posadas literally translates in English as "the inns" or "the lodgings" and symbolizes the Biblical journey of Mary and Joseph as they searched for shelter in Bethlehem before the birth of Jesus. This 9 day celebration lasts from December 16 to Christmas Eve and includes a candle-lit procession of children and parents reenacting Mary and Joseph's journey through Bethlehem.

The holiday ritual includes a colorful pageant of kids costumed as Joseph, Mary, angels, shepherds and the Three Wise Men - who travel from house to house. They are curtly refused at every door until the entourage is welcomed at a prearranged home with a fiesta including music, food and piƱatas.

Secular Decorations Are Common

Last year my family and I spent Christmas in Isla Mujeres, Mexico. We enjoyed watching a Christmas parade that reminded me a lot of the Christmas parades in my small hometown of Lewes, Delaware. It was interesting to see the Christmas decorations in Mexico. They were mix of religious and secular.

Natural Beauty of Isla Mujeres, Mexico

I found lots of sea glass right outside the home that we stayed in. Everyday I walked the beach collecting sea glass. Since returning I have created a couple of necklaces with this sea glass.

Sea Glass Necklace by Bay Moon Design

Isla Mujeres' s Gorgeous Coastline

Floral Holiday Blog Hop

I want to thank Lisa Lodge for organizing this blog hop. It was a lot of fun and a challenge. The necklace blank was new to me and I found it easy to use.

Please visit the other blogs that took this challenge. I would love for my readers to leave comments on my blog and their blogs.

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  1. So, so pretty and I love how you finished off the necklace with crocheting. Thank you for sharing your tradition with us. I enjoying reading about it.

  2. What a wonderful post.....and a beautiful necklace!

  3. I love your necklace. I have never seen a necklace blank before, but it is a wonderful product and you created something so amazing with it. I also liked the lesson on Las Posados. It sounds like a fun few weeks.

  4. I love your post! Your necklace is so festive and fun!

  5. I am not sure if you'll have 2 comments from me (one of the page disappeared)
    Your story is very interesting - thanks for sharing. I love how you used your blank and crocheted the neck string: perfect mix.

  6. Gotta get one of those necklace blanks! And revive my crocheting skills. You inspired me.

  7. Gotta get one of those necklace blanks! And revive my crocheting skills. You inspired me.

  8. Kathy - I really enjoyed your post! I have never seen a "blank" like you used. It looks like a great way to build a necklace. Speaking of necklaces - yours is very beautiful. So festive, too! Excellent job. Thanks for participating and Happy Holidays!

  9. So pleased you shared with us your Christmas in mexico!! Las Posados is a wonderful tradition, celebrating giving beautifully. My father's family lives in mexico :) I love your entire joyful post and your gorgeous jewelry!! Lovely and smart way to create festive Mexican Holiday jewelry!!

    Happy Holidays,

  10. The necklace is very tropical looking and will cheer you up during the colder months. I liked learning about another culture as well. So fun.

  11. Thank you! It was a challenge and fun.