Thursday, December 6, 2012

White House Christmas Tour with Spotting of Bo

White House at Christmas

This week I had the opportunity to go on a White House Christmas Tour along with my daughter Christina. This tour surpassed my expectations even after watching it on the television for years with my daughter. It is hard to believe but the decorations are even more spectacular in person. Just as we were entering the White House, Christina mentions that she hopes we see the first dog Bo Obama. I told her that I saw him in a White House video looking at all of the Christmas trees.

Decoration featuring Bo Obama

Christina and I each had our picture taken with the "Bo decoration".   Shortly thereafter, Christina yells "Look at Bo". I got so excited the photo of Bo that I took was one big blur. Christina did manage to get of photo of the back of Bo. You can see his very cute white paws.

Bo Obama

Bo is very well behaved. He didn't even look when his name was yelled. He was walking without a leash which really impressed me. I wish my cats were as well behaved!

                               Bo inspects the White House at Christmas in this White House video.

I know you are wondering what jewelry we would wear to the White House. We both carefully selected Christmas earrings to wear.  Christina wore Christmas tree earrings made crystals that have lots of sparkle. She plans to wear them to all of her holiday parties. I wore a pair of earrings that are made from red and green handmade ceramic beads from the Marsha Neal Studio on Etsy. I used Irish waxed linen thread from White Clover Kiln on Etsy. I will show you what they look like and how I made them in another blog this month.

Christmas tree earrings by Bay Moon Design

Do stop by my blog on Dec. 12 to see what I create for another blog hop.  This blog hop is organized by Lesley Watt and features beads by the same bead artist.

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