Tuesday, December 11, 2012

"Free Beads" Blog Hop

Kaz Baildon beads to be given away

When I see the words "free beads"' I get very excited.  Of course there's a catch - but only in so much as you have to make something lovely with them and share it on a blog hop...not too onerous is it?  This blog hop is sponsored by The Gossiping Goddess Lesley Watt.  Don't you just love the name "The Gossiping Goddess".  I wish I had thought of it first.

Leslie's very talented bead making friend Kaz Baildon recently had a major overhaul of her studio to make way for some new projects she is planning and in the process she destashed this huge haul of lampwork beads in her direction.  Leslie decided that 10 people were to receive a bead or beads from this selection. The recipients of the beads will use them to create a piece of jewellery, accessory or ornament and share this at a blog hop on Wednesday 12th December.  How generous is that?!

What the winners receive was a complete surprise.  It was anything from a large lampwork bead...

One of my beads is here!

My 2 beads

 Some folks received matched pairs like:

Matched Pairs

 I faced 2 challenges in working with the beads that I got.  Do I put both beads in the same piece? What colors do I work with?  I decided to create 2 pieces. I still had to figure out what colors to work with. I guess I was a coward and took the safest route.  Also,  I  was limited to working with the beads that I had in my stash.

Twist Wire Necklace by Bay Moon Design

 For my first piece, I decided to pull out all of my white beads and in doing so I noticed that I had some 26 gauge lavender Parawire which seemed to match the color of the bead perfectly.  I had this on hand because I crochet wire necklaces frequently, but I wanted to do something different this time.  I have never worked with Parawire before so I looked on the Internet to see what people do with it.  I located a great tutorial by Little Red Robin from Bristol, Avon, United Kingdom where she made a twist wire bracelet with 26 gauge silver colored florist wire.  I always wondered how folks made this style of jewelry so I thought I would give it a try.  I used her basic directions to create a light and delicate necklace.

Red, White, and Blue Necklace with Matching Earrings by Bay Moon Design

For my second necklace, I created a red, white and blue necklace which is19 inch (48.3 cm) and includes glass pearls, denim blue fairy ribbon, and sterling silver bead caps. I love the patriotic red, white and blue colors.  The center of the necklace features the beautiful, lampwork focal by artist Kaz Baildon. Two large blue glass pearls are framed in sterling silver bead caps. The necklace has some white czech beads, small glass pearls, and denim blue swarovski crystals.  The denim blue fairy ribbon by Marsha Neal Studio helps to give this necklace a contemporary look.  These same large blue glass pearls and sterling silver end caps are used in creating matching earrings.

I think it is interesting that both lampwork beads looked to be the same color and yet when paired with lavender one looked more like lavender blue.  The other lampwork bead looked more blue when paired with blue glass pearls and denim fairy ribbon. 

I would like to thank Lesley Watt for giving Kaz's lampwork away and creating this blog hop.  She is generous with her beads and time!  Please give everyone a visit.

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Also, stop by later in this month to see what earrings I wore to the White House Christmas tour last week.


  1. I did think the blues were the same exact color in your picture of the two beads. Colors are so interesting. I love the ethereal quality of the white and lavender necklace. Lovely. Andrea

  2. Oh you did a great job with those 2 Kathy! Thew first necklace is so pretty and delicate and the second so much fun - i love the bead with the denim silk. Thank you so much for joining in - I hope you enjoyed yourself.

    1. Lesley-I loved the challenge. Thank you for all your work. By the way, I think the photos on your blog are gorgeous. Are you using software for the backgrounds like the white embossed paper with snowflakes or is that paper?

      The sun hasn't been out here in at least a week so I am sad my photos aren't what I would like. I will retake if the sun ever comes out.

  3. Great job, I love the use of white in the first and the second with the ribbon is so pretty. 2 lovely designs :0)
    Claire x

    1. I agree that the ribbon is gorgeous. It is denim blue by Marsha Neal Studio. I love her ribbons.

  4. Both necklaces are so pretty, and yet so different, love them!

    Happy creating. :-)

  5. I like both designs, but I really like what you did with the red/white/blue bead. That's my kind of necklace.

  6. They're both gorgeous! the red and blue is my favourite too, the bead really pops in your design :)

  7. Both of your designs are great, but I'm drawn to the second one- mainly because of the colors. Wonderful job!

  8. Lovely! I love the murrini bead necklace x

  9. Awesome Kathy! I can so relate to the colour changing beads. I had these rounds picked out to use, they matched one little bit of colour on my bead perfectly, but as I pulled other things together they suddenly stood out as way to purple. Alas, you ended up with two great pieces

  10. Beautiful designs! I really love what you did with each bead and such different creations...you've also inspired me to try the wire technique...I've seen it before but never tried it :)

  11. I love both designs - great job :-) I might have to investigate the wire technique, I love the look of it...

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