Saturday, April 6, 2013

My Underwater Adventure at Grecian Rocks Inspires Jewelry

Swimming with the fish
I went snorkeling this week to a place called Grecian Rocks, Key Largo, Florida.  This is the first time I got to dry out my new digital underwater camera.  I was surprised that my photos turned out as well as they did because I kind of had to point the camera and hope what I wanted to photograph was there.  My photos were so much better better than the underwater cameras that I used before.  My previous one were purchased in a drug store and  you had to send away to get the pictures developed.
Lots of Gorgeous Fish

I had a great conditions at Grecian Rocks--shallow water, bright sun, clear water. 
Lots of Barracudas
Personally, I think they should have called Grecian Rocks " Barracuda Rocks".  There were plenty of them there.  My husband had to make a repair to engine blade when we were there.  He had to work underwater.  At the very end he cut his hand and it started to bleed.  He got out of the water because he was getting paranoid about the blood in the water.  He was right.  When we were leaving a saw about a dozen barracudas close to the surface. 
Clear Water
Grecian Rocks is a beautiful place to snorkel.  The reef is just beautiful and in great condition.

Beautiful Reef

Beautiful Ocean Water is the inspiration for this Sea Glass Necklace

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Stop by my blog next weekend to see what I make for the AJE Earring Challenge and see the photos of my shark sighting at Grecian Rocks!

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  1. what a beautiful place to dive! and such wonderful inspiration to a gorgeous necklace!