Friday, April 19, 2013

What to do? 5th Do Over Challenge and Happy Earth Day

I think this Do Over Challenge is a wonderful challenge that ties in with Earth Day because we are recycling!

Gorgeous Coral Reef in Key Largo, Florida

South Florida has lots to celebrate on Earth Day!  I am so impressed with the gorgeous beaches, coral reef, and fish in South Florida.

Yellowtail fish and more healthy coral reef

Skyline of Miami from Crandon Park Beach
Let's see what I could recycle from this necklace.

Jeannie K Dukic's jewelry 
I try to never criticize someone's jewelry design so I will quote Jeannie K Dukic.  Jeannie said,  "I will send you an old, tried, boring piece of my jewelry for free and you will work your magic and turn it into something beautiful and amazing. The jewelry I’m sending out for this challenge are designs I made when I was new to jewelry-making and I won’t sell.   Well I could, but no one would buy them."  Enough said!  Part of the challenge included using more than half of the beads.

Vintage Faux Pearl and Crystal Bracelet Available in BayMoonDesign Etsy Store

The first thing I did was separate the crystals from the colored glass.  I had lots of clear crystals that I though would work well with some vintage white, cream, off white, and pink faux pearls of various sizes that I had on hand. Since bracelets are really hot this spring and I don't have a lot of them in my Etsy shop, I decided on making a bracelet with the crystals and pearls.  I had some gold memory wire on hand and alternated pearl with crystal and added some dangles.   I ended up with a fun bracelet! Daytime or evening, dressed up or down, you can absolutely wear this bracelet everyday. If you wear jeans or denim.   You could also wear this bracelet with a prom or wedding gown.
Faux pearl earrings available for sale in my Etsy shop
I also made these matching earrings to go with the bracelet.

I love to use nature in my jewelry.  You might ask how is this related to nature?  First of all, the crystals are recycled and and so are the faux pearls.  These vintage faux pearls are from old wedding gowns.  I try to reuse materials when I can.  The necklace below has 2 denim beads made from old blue jeans.

Blue Denim Necklace available in BayMoonDesign shop

My promised picture of a shark sighting is at the end of the blog! 

Big thanks to Jeannie K Dukic for organizing this blog hop.  Please visit all of the participants and leave a kind word or two!  Scroll to the bottom of this list to see my shark!
Ginger Davis Allman
Susan Delaney

Reef Shark

 Happy Earthy 2013!


  1. Oh, shark sightings are a bit creepy when diving. Your pearl designs are great to wear with jeans or in the evening with a nice dress.

  2. My favourite rework so far. Wonderful transformation.

  3. That's a wonderful way to think about this challenge is "recycling." So very cool.
    Well, who doesn't LOVE pearls and vintage, even better and the pearl colors are perfect with the clear Swarovski crystals. Kathy, the bracelet and earrings are so pretty. They remind me June brides and beautiful Victorian women. Thank you so much for participating and I hope you join us for the next one.

  4. Very pretty bracelet and earrings! Love the recycled pearls.

  5. I have to admit that what you received is the first 'necklace' I've seen in this blog hop that I truly do not like... however your pearl bracelet is lovely..however I think I would have gone the other way and used the glass beads... but then I've been a glass artists for 24 years

  6. I love the recycling concept. It never occurred to me to link this to Earth Day. I love how you combines the crystals with the pearls. So delicate and girly!

  7. Your bracelet design definitely says vintage and will go with just about any outfit. Fantastic job on the do over!

  8. I love love love how you tied in Earth Day with the challenge. I love the Blue Denim Necklace..

  9. That is a great bracelet and earrings.

  10. The bracelet and earrings are beautiful, elegant, and timeless. The necklace is bright, funky, and gorgeous in a fun way. You absolutely made the best of what you received!

  11. I love the pearls and crystals together, the bracelet is beautiful! And I love the red and denim!