Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Recharging My Inspiration in Nature

Kathy at Mount Rushmore, South Dakota

My husband and I and our 3 cats have left Lewes, Delaware in our truck and camper and have set out to see  some more of the West.  We have spent a few days in South Dakota and have seen Mount Rushmore and Horse Thief which close to Mt. Rushmore.  Both are just gorgeous!

Horse Thief Lake near Mount Rushmore

I know that this trip will provide me with inspirations for my Bay Moon Design creations.  Green is my favorite color and I am seeing so many vibrant shades in nature.
Devil's Tower, Wyoming

We have also taken a trip to see Devil's Tower in Wyoming.   The sky our west has lots of puffy white clouds set against beautiful blues.  Along the coasts in the U.S., pollution often makes the contrast in colors much less.

Buffalo Roaming in the Grasslands
I have a greater appreciation for wildlife.  It is hard to believe that millions of buffalo once roamed free and almost became extinct.

Crazy Horse Monument
I have always felt bad about the history of our Native American Indians in the 1800 and 1900's.   Imagining how they must have lived on this beautiful land and seeing their current life on reservations just increases this sadness for them.

It is easy to see why the Indians thought that gods lived in the Badlands.  The colors are inspiring.  The geology is spectacular. 

I am excited to set out for the Grand Tetons today.  What an adventure!

 It will also be 2 weeks with limited Internet access.  I am a real Internet junkie so this will be a true challenge for me.  I did plan ahead and my blog showing what I created with Sally Russick's wonderful tutorials on beading cabochons is written and scheduled to be published.  I hope you will enjoy seeing what I did for the challenge.  I can't wait to see what others created, but I will have to wait until I return from Yellowstone.

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  1. Nature is definitely the greatest inspiration. Thank you for the photos. Ana