Saturday, August 31, 2013

Farewell Summer ! Sale to Celebrate AJE Earring Challenge Reveal and Labor Day Weekend

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Polka Dot Earrings Available in Bay Moon Design Etsy Store

These fun and colorful polka dot earrings are made with polka dot lampwork beads combined with blue swarovski crystal beads and long silver plated earwires. The are long earrings that hang about 2.25 inches.

The lampwork beads are one of a kind. They are by Work of Our Hands Namibia whose mission is to provide hope and dignity for the unemployed through the creation of cottage industries which produce handcrafted items.
Queen Anne's Lace is an import from Europe
The polka dot earrings are a result of a camping trip to Rocky Gap State Park in Maryland's Western Allegany County.  I was surrounded by lush greens everywhere.

Here at the beach in Lewes, we always have lots of visitors in the summer.  Traditionally, Labor Day marks the end of the summer season at the beach.  The locals always love to see the tourists leave.
Kalmar Nyckel in Lewes, Delaware

The Kalmar Nyckel is here in Lewes through Labor Day.  Locals and tourists love seeing this replica of one of America's pioneering colonial ships, a Mayflower of the Delaware Valley.

The original Kalmar Nyckel served as Governor Peter Minuit’s flagship for the 1638 expedition that founded the colony of New Sweden, establishing the first permanent European
settlement in the Delaware Valley, Fort Christina in present-day Wilmington, Delaware.  She would make a total of four roundtrip crossings of the Atlantic, more than any other documented ship of the American colonial era.  

The original ship
was built by the Dutch in Amsterdam in about the year 1625.  She was purchased in 1629 to serve as an auxiliary warship for the Swedish navy, which she did until her decommissioning in 1651 — except for the years from 1637 to 1644 when she sailed the Atlantic for the New Sweden Company.  This ship had a long and remarkable
career.   She was sold to a private merchant after being decommissioned from the navy.  No definitive records have been uncovered as of yet, but Kalmar Nyckel was probably resold to the Dutch navy as an escort vessel and sunk in the North Sea while fighting in a war against the English in 1652. 

Lots of Sailing will take place in Lewes over Labor Day Weekend
With Lewes being on the water, lots of folks will be sailing or boating all weekend. 
Seahorse Earrings available for purchase at Bay Moon Design Etsy Store

I made these seahorse earrings to celebrate the end of summer in Lewes.  These are my final pair of summer earrings that I will be making through the holiday season.  To celebrate Labor Day Weekend I am offering 15% of all sales over $15.   Just use coupon code AWE15 when you checkout at my etsy store through Sept. 3.

After Labor Day weekend I will be going out West so, please stop back to my blog to follow my adventures on this trip.


  1. Sad to see summer end, isn't it, Kathy? Selling craft does make the seasons rush by, you must always be anticipating... Nevertheless, your sweet seahorse design will keep the memories longer!

    1. I am always sad to see summer go. The season goes faster each year!

  2. I adore polka dots and they are adorable, bright and fresh! A great way to send summer off! The seahorses are really beautiful!

  3. LOVE the sea horses! but I just love anything that has a 'sea' theme! just wonderful!