Saturday, August 3, 2013

AJE Earring Challenge and My Yoga Beginnings

Warrior II pose in Yoga (photo by

I started doing yoga several years ago at the Sussex Family YMCA in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware.   I had a membership there already so I decided it would be a good place to enroll in a yoga class.  I have had a number of different, and all excellent yoga instructors, but Iris has been my instructor the longest.  Iris is close to my age so it gives me hope that someday I will be able to do most everything she can.  Also, most of the folks in the class are close to my age-old.  It is a level 2 sometimes, level 3 class.  I can do many more posses now than when I started.  Progress is slow, but steady.  I have added some yoga jewelry section to my Etsy store because I love yoga and I know others who do.  It also gives me an opportunity to research more about some of the symbols in yoga like the lotus flower. 

Lavender Lotus Earrings available for purchase in Bay Moon Design Etsy Store

I love the lotus flower because it is one of the most delicate and beautiful flowers. Although lotus grows in muddy water, it grows beautiful and brings a smile on anyone's face who sees it. The lotus has long been associated with purity, rebirth and beauty. The purple lotus is the mystic lotus. 

 I created these lotus earrings for the AJE Earring Challenge.  I was drawn to the lotus components because I love yoga and purple.  These are perfect lotus flower earrings for someone with those loves! The lavender lotus is suspended from a lovely purple bead and gold earwires. The gold earwires bring out the gold color that outlines the lotus. This lotus is hand painted polymer clay by Jewelry by Jeannie. 

Green earrings available in my Bay Moon Design Etsy store 


These earrings are inspired by nature.  They combine polymer clay beads that look like little white and green birch branches. They remind me of a walk in the woods.   These little branch beads are by polymer clay artist Humblebeads. I love all of her intricate detailing on the beads. I combined tranparent green and white swirl table cut czech glass beads. This green is a dark shade and the rock like picasso finish on them is amazing and unique. Gold earwires and a gold bead at the bottom are used for a uniform look. The earrings are 2 inches from the top of the ear wire to the bottom bead.

These earrings are inspired by nature. They remind me of a walk in the woods.


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  1. Very pretty earrings, Kathy... I always love seeing how you pair these PC components!