Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Purchase and Experimentation Is How I Prepare for the Patina Blog Hop

Ranger's Weathered Patina Can Give an Aged Copper Look

My experience with patinas has been limited to creating several pairs of earrings with a Ranger selection of patinas called "Weathered".  I used "Weathered" because it had the colors of jade, verdigris, and moss and it is designed to give the look of aged copper.    I liked the results of it on these earrings.   The colors remind me of the gorgeous water of the Florida Keys and I love copper so it was a win win for me.  If you aren't familiar with patinas they are opaque inks, specially formulated to adhere to metals.   The ink is fast drying and can be heat-set for added durability.  

Rusted Hardware
For this blog hop, I enlarged my patina collection to include Ranger's "rusted hardware"  which includes rust cinnabar and clay colors.   I also purchased "faded pickup" which has lapis, emerald and topaz colors.

Faded Pickup

I then gathered the following materials. 
Brass pieces to patina
Ranger 15-Inch-by-18-Inch non stick Craft Sheet
flat tipped paint brush
paper towel
reliefing block

I watched my favorite video tutorial to review the process-- Vintaj Patina and Glaze Video Tutorial.

Before beginning I  degreased all the items that I planned to patina.  If you leave any greasy fingerprints or machine oil it will leave a spot that stubbornly resists any patina.
I then got to work.
"Rusted Hardware" and "Faded Pickup" applied to this 
 I put all 6 of my new patinas on my craft sheet and began experimenting.  This tree pendant is one of my finished pieces that uses a combination of patinas from my new 6 paints.  I think it turned out pretty well.  What are your thoughts?


  1. Nice work! I think they turned out very well too!

  2. The colours look really great! I am soooo tempted to get vintaj patinas ^^ Even if I already have the whole swellegant line and inka gold paints and sooo many acrylic paints from Reeves... but... but.... *whispering* want more! ;)

  3. I would resist temptation and use what you have. I am not familiar with the paints from Reeves, but I read about folks using them all of the time. It would be nice to see what they look like on the metal. I would also be interested in seeing what the swellegant looks like.

  4. I picked up the patina, now I just need to find the time. I am also taking a class on metalwork which has patina as one of the topics.

  5. Perhaps you can pass along some tips from your patina class.

  6. love that green in the first pair .... my favorite color! but really like what you're doing with the tree of life pendant .... you could bring out so many colors with the chain. really lovely

  7. I especially love the tree pendant. I have used ranger alcohol inks and they are fast drying, but they tend to dry glossy. do these patina inks leave some texture to the surface?