Monday, January 6, 2014

Warm Colors Help Us Get through Winters

Dragonfly bracelet by BayMoonDesign available in Etsy Store
This dragonfly bracelet is inspired by a textile by Lois Mailou Jones.  She would return summer after summer to paint in gardens and books available to her on Martha's Vineyard.  One of her textile designs is the inspiration for January's Art Bead Scene Challenge.  It was her textiles that eventually launched her into a fine art career.

Textile Design for Cretonne, 1928?  by Lois Mailou Jones
The sight of this textile made me happy instantly--what a beautiful creation.  It reminds me of the summer.  What a pleasant thought in a cold, snowy January!  The warm oranges, yellows, and reds jump right out and cheer me up.

The firefly ceramic that I used in this bracelet is from Blu Mudd Design.  I love her ceramic cuffs and have used several of them in my bracelets.  I like the size, pattern of words with the dragonfly on top.  The rich, warm, earthy color of the glaze go so well with the red, oranges and yellows in the ceramic and in the textile.  When trying to decide on the metal to use in the bracelet, I considered gunmetal. I thought that using it would allow me to add that color from the painting to the bracelet, but I just couldn't.  Since I am drawn to the warm colors of the painting, I wanted to keep the bracelet warm too.

I hope that the textile and my dragonfly bracelet bring you pleasant memories of warm summer winds in the garden.


  1. Very pretty bracelet Kathy! I do love the colors in it, and I love BluMudd!

  2. What a beautiful bracelet! I am glad that you went with the brass as just looking at the bracelet is warming.

  3. What a lovely piece. Perfect for Lois' garden! I think your dragonfly would be very happy. Thank you for playing along with our challenge :-)

  4. What a beautiful bracelet. It definitely reminds me of summer.