Friday, March 7, 2014

Mojo Challenge Week 3: Back to School to Create a Dream Catcher

Dream Catcher Necklace

Heather Power's Assignment for Week 3:
It's time to go back to school! Learning something new is a super way to get your jewelry making mojo kicked into high gear.  Find a project in a book, magazine or online (tutorials and videos are perfect for this challenge) and create a piece of jewelry inspired by the project.

I found a perfect project for this assignment.  I won a Dream Catcher Kit by Erin Siegel awhile back and decided this was the perfect time to pull it out and complete.  The kit contained everything I needed except the chain to finish this necklace.  I added a Vintaj natural brass chain and clasp to finish it.  For anyone interested in doing it without the kit Erin had a great Dream catcher tutorial as well as lots of information about the origin and legend of the dream catcher on her blog.  It is a fun project that anyone can do.
Week 3 assignment -DONE!


  1. I love it. I've never made one but it looks like fun.

  2. You did a great job! Erin did a demo of this on the Bead Cruise last year. It's such a fun design.