Tuesday, February 24, 2015

February Art Bead Scene Challenge

Amapolas, 1913
Illustration published in "News of Spring and Other Nature Studies
By Edward Julius Detmold
Watercolor, 208 by 124mm

I love the inspiration piece Amapolas that was selected for the February Art Bead Scene Challenge.   This illustration was created by Edward Detmold.  I love the reminder that spring is right around the corner, don't you?   Enough with the snow and cold!

To meet this challenge I decided to focus on shades of cream and coral, as those are the most prominent colors in the painting. And there are a lot of shades of coral to work with, too, from pale and toned down, to bolder and more saturated. Coral comes from a mixture of red and orange.The creamy parchment background has a little variation, but not too much, and tends to take a more muted, grayish cast than pure, bright cream.  I also decided to use brown.
Red Heart Necklace available HERE

I used a handmade porcelain pendants in coral red  called "Abstract Butterfly Hearts" for this necklace.  A large 37mm porcelain heart pendant has a finished front and back in a glossy coral red glaze.  The color is perfect for this challenge and the abstract butterflies on the heart remind me of the butterflies in the inspiration piece.  This unique hand painted pendant was made by American ceramicist Melissa Essenburg at Chinook Jewelry.  I purchased this pendant from one of the sponsors of last year's Art Bead Scene Challenge--  Big Bead Little Bead.  To add to the butterflies on the heart I attached some copper butterfly charms to the natural brass chain necklace. I used large cream colored glass pearls to bring out the cream in the red pendant . The beads in the red necklace are red sponge coral. It is a long 25 inch heart necklace the pendant hangs below the 25 inches.

I love the romantic and feminine look of this necklace.  What are your thoughts?


  1. This is a lovely, sophisticated and very feminine representation of the painting, I love the chain and the metal you used with the more romantic heart.

  2. I love the mix of metals and the lovely shine from the pearls and pendant (which is just perfect with the inspiration painting.) Intriguingly romantic, I'd say!