Sunday, March 15, 2015

March ABS Challenge Combines Art with Bears

The Haida Totems by Emily Carr

This month's March Art Bead Challenge painting is by Emily Carr a renowned Canadian artist. The Haida Totems are one of her many plein air paintings from her 6 week journey to document totems through British Columbia.  The painting is subdued yet bright capturing the feeling of the totems and their locations.

Brown Bear Necklace by BayMoonDesign 
The mountains and woods in this painting reminded me of my trips to the mountains of Yosemite National Park in California and Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming.  I saw bears in Yellowstone and evidence of bears in Yosemite. This brown bear necklace was inspired by the woods and mountains in the painting. This chunky wood statement necklace has a very handsome ceramic bear focal by ceramic artist Moriah Betterly. I made the focal for the second strand of this multi strand necklace from Greek Ceramic beads and a vintage wood bead that I used in the necklace.  I pulled in the reddish brown, ochre, and green colors in the painting.  This multi strand necklace has one strand made with large Vintaj natural brass chain and the other with red Irish waxed linen thread. The brownish red and ochre beads are vintage chunky wood beads. Reddish green Greek ceramic beads were added to give the wooden necklace more color. I used a bronze leaf clasp from Znetshows to add to the woodsy theme of the necklace
Can you find the paw print of the bear?

I usually get pretty excited at the prospect of seeing bears even though I realize they are dangerous.  I guess I have been lucky to not have any close encounters with any.  The closest I have come to a bear was at Yellowstone and he was off in the distance with lots of people looking at him.  I learned that the easiest way to spot a bear at a National Park is to be on the lookout for park rangers.  They know the habits of the known bears and try to be in the areas to control the people!
Trash can with warning regarding bears

I have found lots of evidence that there are bears in these parks.  Most of the trash cans that are designed to keep bears out like the one above at Yosemite are often tricky for humans to open.
Bear trap
While hiking in Yellowstone we found an empty bear trap. 
Road sign at Yellowstone
I think this road sign is designed more as a warning for humans to slow down.  The roads in Yosemite are at high elevations, windy and there are few guardrails. 

This inspiration piece and necklace brought back some great memories!


  1. Love your design - like the painting, you chose colors for your necklace that are subdued yet bright. The red waxed linen really makes those wood and ceramic beads sing!

  2. This is beautiful! I really like the inspiration painting and the direction you took it.