Saturday, March 7, 2015

Water Creatures Inspire Me

Manatee Coming Up for Air
If you look at my jewelry and my handmade cards in my online shop, you will see lots of items that have some kind of connection to water creatures.  There is a reason why!  I am drawn to them.  I live by the water because I love all things water.  I want to share some of my inspirations from nature.  

I had my first sighting of a manatee right off a boat dock.  I saw manatees here last year, but this year I heard the manatee come up for air.  He made loud snorts that reminded me of the sounds whales make when they come up for air.  It was a big sound because this is a big  mammals.
I spotted this stingray swimming across the water close to shore by our condo in Key Largo.  
Baby Croc
This cute baby croc was spotted in a trip to the Everglades.  When it is too cold to swim in the Keys which is rare, we head to the Everglades for a fun time.  I know that is strange, but it is fun to see crocs and lots of alligators and get some exercise walking at the same time.  We observe them from a respectful distance and a long lens.
Florida Bay
Have you noticed that I use a lot of aqua and turquoise in my creations.  In the Keys, I am surrounded by those colors.  No matter how many times I see the turquoise water, I am always amazed and in awe.
Starfish Necklace by Bay Moon Design
This starfish necklace  has an artisan starfish pendant. I attached it to some sea glass beads with white Irish Waxed linen thread to give it an ocean look. This starfish necklace has aqua sea glass beads contrasted with teardrop beads that are a dark pinkish red. This nautical necklace had 2 handmade artisan brown seashells. The copper clasp is handmade by me. You can see how this necklace is created to remind you of the ocean and its underwater creatures.
Sea Shell Earrings by Bay Moon Design
These artisan sterling silver earrings are made with mint Czech glass beads that remind me of seashells. I combined them with what looks like sea glass. I also added a swarovski crystal to each. These beads are meticulously wire wrapped with sterling silver wire. The ear wires on these seashell earrings are handmade by me.  You can see where the inspiration for these earrings comes!
Starfish Earrings by Bay Moon Design

Sun and summer!  If you love these words, you will love these handmade starfish earrings.  They are great summer, casual and fun earrings.  I combined white starfish with aqua beads that remind me of the turquoise water of the Keys.  These aqua beads are recycled glass that reminds me of sea glass.  The gold brass findings are an addition to make these beach earrings shimmer like the sand in the sun.
Whales in the Dominican Republic
One of my fondest memories is seeing and hearing whales in the Dominican Republic.  Whales are a favorite inspiration that I use.
Thank You Card by Bay Moon Design
The saying "Thanks a Ton" is on the front of this Thank You card along with a gray whale. White clouds are embossed on the front in the white paper. There are blue waves and clouds on the front.
I have to say I am very thankful that I have been given all of these sights for inspiration. Where do you find your inspiration?

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