Thursday, May 14, 2015

May Art Bead Scene Challenge Inspires Geometric Necklace

Modern Art by Augustin Lesage
This month's May Art Bead Scene Challenge is a piece of modern art by Augustin Lesage.  The  artist Lesage’s patterns are unmistakable.  His works show symmetry and he organizes his compositions along a central axis, building complex geometric structures in horizontal layers from the center outward.  
I love all the wonderful color combinations and play of colors found in each segment in the painting. The great thing about this painting is you can focus on just a small piece and pull a set of colors that work together in interesting and unusual combinations. This month we were given a number of color palettes for this piece of art and I  focused on some of the pastel. The color palette that I selected is the one I posted on this blog.  I zeroed in on the blue, white and peachy coral.   Brown is neutral is so dominate in the painting that I added some brown to my piece.
Long Geometric Necklace by Bay Moon Design

The  geometric focal was made by polymer clay artist Claire Lockwood of Something to Do Beads .   Like the color palette I selected for this inspiration piece and it has blue, white and browns. 
Polymer Clay Geometric Focal is by Claire Lockwood
 I paired it with a peachy coral chain from MyElements, vintage peach colored glass melon beads and used some white cultured sea glass.  I also used a copper lobster clasp and findings to add to the peachy coral color.  This geometric  necklace has a modern look to it just as the art work.  It is available for purchase HERE in my online store.


  1. Love the bead and the necklace!!

  2. What a great necklace! Just along the style I love to wear.

  3. Nicely done! I love the shape of that bead from Miss Claire and great find on the peachy chain. Thanks for joining in with the Art Bead Scene! Enjoy the day. Erin