Friday, May 15, 2015

We're All Ears :: May Inspiration

 world renowned troupe Pilobolus 

May's "We're all Ears" challenge is  Sponsored by ERin Prais Hintz and is based on a music video and a live performance by the dancers of Pilobolus.  In the live performance there are six dancers... one 4 1/2 minute song... 32 costume changes... 43 pieces of clothing.  In person, the Pilobolus troupe shows split-second timing in changing into various costumes.   It could be a train-wreck but due to their talents it is completely mesmerizing and electrifying.  You can get an idea of what their live performance is like when you watch the music video called "Skyscrapers".  The song in the video is  "Skyscrapers" by the band OK Go .  Trish Sie is the choeographer.  She is the sister of the lead singer and dancer Moti Buchbootare .  The singing and dancing takes place against  ever-changing urban landscapes. 

music video called "Skyscrapers"

I am inspired by the vibrant colors, music, linear movements and costumes.

Vibrant blue earrings by Bay Moon Design
I selected the vibrant royal blue costumes as my focus for my earring design.  I made a pair of  brass flower earrings with a  distressed bohemian look. I hand patinaed them in a lovely aged cobalt blue. I have hung these royal blue earrings on sterling silver ear wires with blue beads to highlight the aged blue color of the patina.  The long linear lines of the earrings mirror the long straight line of the dancers in blue.  The earrings have a lot of movement to them just as the dancers.  These earrings are available for sale HERE.


  1. I love the colour blue you chose for your patina, such a strong vibrant colour. A lovely pair of 'swingy' earrings, perfect for dancing...xx

  2. Very cool. I too love the blue you used. It is vibrant just like the dancers. Great job!

  3. What a beautiful shade of blue. Love the earrings. They will look amazing on the lady dancer!

  4. The blue on your earrings is stunning. And you achieved the perfect combination of vivid and distressed. Lovely design.

  5. What beautiful pendant pieces. Love the cut outs, which are really highlighted by the gorgeous blue patina. Very pretty earrings! These will "dance" nicely when worn.

  6. The earring shape and the flower cut outs are very nice but I think the blue colour add the pop that brings the attention factor way up. Nice!