Friday, August 14, 2015

August Art Bead Scene Challenge Combines Artists Heather Powers and Diane Hawkey

Summer Thunder
BHosteen Klah
Weaving, Wool

Color Palette
August's Art Bead Challenge is based on the weaving "Summer Thunder" by Hosteen Klab.  In 1919, Klah began to weave sandpainting rugs which were based on the chants he was qualified to sing. His first sandpainting weaving was a whirling log design from the Nightway ceremony.  Klah’s last sandpainting weaving, "The Skies"   from the Shootingway ceremony, was done in 1937 and was not complete at the time of his death. The work was finished by his nieces, Gladys and Irene Manuelito.

While this month's color palette is predominately a rusty shade of red and black, there are a few other hues to draw out your muse. Purple is used throughout the weaving along with the neutral putty color. There are a few accents of gold, brown and a muted plum woven in the design. 

The key to successfully using this color palette is pick one main color for your design and then choose a few of the accents to bring in interest to your jewelry piece. Proportion of the color will be important. Just as in our inspiration piece, one color dominate and then the accent add the spice. 

Raven Necklace by Bay Moon Design

The dominant color I choose to work with is black.  I added a few accents of gold, and rusty red.  The raven pendant in this necklace is a true piece of wearable art. The raven and small brown branch like bead are made by polymer clay artist Humblebeads. The ceramic branch is by artist Diane Hawkey. I made burnt orange polymer clay leaf for this rust necklace.  All were combined to make the focal for this necklace. 
raven photo by K. Lindemer

I choose the raven as the main focal because it is an Indian symbol. The meaning of the Raven symbol signifies that danger has passed and that good luck would follow. According to Native American legends and myths of some tribes the Raven played a part in their Creation myth. The raven escaped from the darkness of the cosmos and became the bringer of light to the world. It is also believed that ravens who fly high toward the heavens take prayers from the people to the spirit world and, in turn, bring back messages from the spiritual realm. Other tribes looked upon the raven as a trickster, or shape-shifter, because of its ability to adapt to different situations.

After putting together the raven focal with brass wire I continued using gold brass as an accent color.  I made a brass chain from links. The long black beads are wood and the orange beads are carnelian. A unique clasp made from a button that  holds the thin black leather around the neckline together. It is a perfect necklace for this time of year with the fall colors and Halloween theme. It is available for purchase HERE.