Friday, August 7, 2015

Make It Summer Year Round with Beach Jewelry

Aqua Necklace, Ocean Bracelet and Bubble Earrings by BayMoon Design

I would like to introduce you to my Summer 2015 Collection of Beach Jewelry.  What better way to keep the memories of this summer with you or a friend than with a piece of beach jewelry.  All of these pieces of jewelry were made by me for this summer.

The aqua necklace has a cultured sea glass pendant with the word PEACE etched on it. I added some sea foam colored spike beads and silver with white Irish waxed linen thread to give it an ocean look. I made a handmade sterling silver clasp for it. This word necklace is inspirational and unique. This beach necklace is pretty and perfect with a summer dress. This pretty necklace is created to remind you of the summer and the tranquil ocean. This makes a great summer birthday gift or a gift for a yogi.  There is a matching ocean bracelet with round silver charm that has the work peace engraved on it and bubble earrings in the same aqua sea glass bead and sterling silver.  These 3 pieces all appear in the online magazine Creative Sparks 2015.

 Ocean Wave Necklace by Bay Moon Design

To create this necklace I combined an artisan handmade 24 mm. in diameter ocean wave lampwork bead that is by artisan glass bead maker. The peach colored seashell swirl opaque glass and transparent glass reminds me of an ocean wave. I decided to add a copper coral connector to the top and copper coral branch to the bottom of the lampwork. I used copper spacers, carnelian red beads, cream beads, and blue gray chips. This ocean wave necklace is perfect for someone who loves modern contemporary beach jewelry.
Modern Sea Glass Earrings,  Round Aqua Earrings, Aqua Ocean Shell Necklace by Bay Moon Design
The modern sea glass earrings are  royal blue rectangles made of blue cultured sea glass beads and sterling silver bubbles. These geometric shaped earrings are on sterling silver ear wires. The trending  earrings are perfect for casual wear or the office.  The next pair of earrings are round aqua ceramic earrings with a wonderful texture to them. I love the swirls of blues, greens and tans. Pairing the handmade ceramics with aqua beads gives the earrings the color of the sea. They have sterling silver ear wires and spacer beads. The aquas, whites, and turquoise greens in this crochet aqua ocean shell necklace remind me of the turquoise waters of the ocean and white sand of the coastal areas in the Caribbean. I have combined some vintage white coral chips, bluish green glass shell beads, rice pearls, sea shells, shell chips, vintage sparkly crystal beads, and turquoise, white and clear buttons. I think that sea shells are especially fun.

Jellyfish Necklace by Bay Moon Design

This blue necklace has an artisan jellyfish pendant. I attached it to some sea unique circular beads with blue Irish Waxed linen thread to give it an ocean look. This jellyfish necklace has white and powder blue cultured glass beads contrasted with oval, gray beads. This jellyfish necklace is great fun and perfect with a casual outfit. This necklace is created to remind you of summer fun, the ocean and its underwater creatures.
Lucky Cloud Necklace by Bay Moon Design
This lucky cloud necklace has a blue and silver cloud that is handmade by artisan Andrew Thornton. I combined agate chips and pale blue stone with pretty royal blue seed beads and added a sterling silver clasp that I made. This happy cloud necklace would make a great gift for a weather buff or someone special. It is such a fun and happy necklace--a wonderful reminder of the blue sky and puffy white clouds of summer.

If you see something that you would like to purchase from my Summer 2015 Collection of one of a kind beach jewelry, please use discount code THANKU2 for a 10% discount on an order of $10 or more at checkout between now and Aug. 10.  I am offering this discount to celebrate Etsy First Friday Art Walk.  Other shops that are offering discount and their codes are listed HERE.

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