Friday, September 25, 2015

Sept. ABS Challenge Features Suburban Girl Studio Ceramic

 Palette for Vanessa Bell's View of Pond at Charleston

This month's September Art Bead Scene Challenge is based on the painting 
View of Pond at Charleston by Vanessa Bell.  I love the painting and color palette.  The color palette has the fading colors of September before autumn sets in with brilliant colors. It has a nostalgic feel of not wanting summer to end.  Most of us can relate to that.  I know that I have lots of warm and wonderful memories from this summer and I feel that the painting fills us with similar feelings. 

Long Floral Necklace by Bay Moon Design

I decided to go with the floral theme of the painting and also use the colors from the palette as well.  The artist's muted colors of dark rose, peach and yellow play off of the warm and cool mix of greens with a nice variety of neutrals.  I selected a dark rose and cream floral focal by Suburban Girl Studio and paired it with dark rose, peach, and a neutral brown.  I used stone chips and beads with those colors as well as a mix of seed beads with those same colors.  For the metal, I used copper because of the peach color it has.  I used green green Irish waxed linen thread to literally tie everything together along with brown sari ribbon that has a hint of some of the green and peach colors.  

How do you like my long floral necklace that is inspired by this September ABS challenge?  If you would like to purchase it for a gift, it is available HERE.


  1. Very pretty necklace Kathy. I like the way you used the piece from Diana in this necklace

  2. Love the choices that went into creating this piece from the color palette to the beads to the floral pendant....just beautiful!