Friday, September 18, 2015

September's We're All Ears Inspiration Is Based on Geometry!


                                                             ENRA Torque Starter

This September's We're All Ears inspiration is based on geometric shapes that are found in this video of of an ENRA dance troop performance.

ENRA’ is a visual dance performance troupe from Japan performing stunningly unique animation-based digital performances. The images used in the performances are not attuned to the dancers, but interactively staged in a way never imagined before. The members of ENRA are experts in genres including martial arts, gymnastics, ballet, animation, dance, juggling and street dance.

Torque Starter' is a feast for the mind. Using stunning visual effects combined with the perfectly timed movement of a lone performer who is juggling a lighted ball, 'Torque Starter' is filled with a frenetic energy and a host of geometrical shapes and images.

Blue geometric ceramic earrings by Bay Moon Design
Even though we were not given a color to rely on this month, I worked with color in my design.  I used the color to provide a means to create a mini mirror of the reverse of the colors in the cylindrical shape of the ceramic bead that I selected as the center piece of the design. The blue striped lampwork glass beads that I used are from Big Bead Little Beads in Hitchin, Hertfordshire. UK. Both of the beads have 3 stripes of color and I used those 3 colors on the top of the design.  All of the beads on the top are round and are stacked to show 2 shapes from the performance a circle and another cylinder.  So now the geometric design of each earring has 2 cylinders and a circle.  These long royal blue striped lampwork barrel earrings have handmade sterling silver ear wires made by me.  They are available for purchase HERE.

What do you think of these geometric earrings?


  1. I love the earrings you made from the inspiration. Thanks for stopping by!

    Greetings, Sofie

  2. So perfectly balanced..shape color and form! Lovely!

  3. Wow, excellent creation! There was undertones of blue in the video and I think you captured perfectly. Great job!

  4. Love how you made an image of the cylinder bead with the ceramic beads, very clever!! Nice swingy earrings which would be fun to wear and I love that shade of blue xx

  5. I love these Kathy. You took a completely different and fascinating perspective for this challenge. Brilliant!

  6. You captured the stacked cylindrical and circle shapes nicely in these earrings. I like the reverse, mirrored effect. I really struggled with this challenge, so it's instructive to see your interpretation. Thank you!

  7. Well I definitely saw blue in some of the flashes as the ball swung around so blue seems like the perfect colour choice to bring into your design. Your earrings are sweet.

  8. You are right, no color values were provided, but there was a healthy dose of that electric blue. I love the way you positioned the beads at the top to mimic the pretty lampwork. Well done! Thank you for joining me in the We're All Ears challenge for September. Check back on October 2nd for the next inspiration! Enjoy the day! Erin