Tuesday, January 26, 2016

My Take on the Muffin Tins Challenge

My plastic container with earring parts

Heather Powers of Humblebeads issued a challenge on Saturday.  Heather calls it her Muffin Tin Challenge.  She has held this Muffin Tin Challenge before.  The idea is simple--get out your muffin tins, fill them up with beads.  She recommends one project per muffin cup.  Since I travel a bit, I wanted something portable.  I found this plastic container with a lid this summer and I use it as my muffin tin for my earring designs.  I love to make earrings so I am always looking for pairs of beads to use.  I have found this a great way to collect pairs or parts for earrings.

Mauve Earrings by Bay Moon Design

I was able to get this mauve pair of earrings made plus 4 other pairs using this method.
For necklaces and bracelets, I use plastic bags.  I start with a focal like the yellow flower above and keep adding pieces until I think I have what I want to use.  This might take a year or two for me!  I have lots of these baggies.  The baggies then go into a box with a lid so they are portable also.

Yellow Flower Focal by Lesley Watt

Cardinal necklace by Bay Moon Design
This cardinal necklace is a result of using the plastic baggy method. I have been collecting and making pieces slowly. The cardinal pendant in this necklace is a true piece of wearable art necklace inspired by nature. The red bird is made by polymer clay artist Humblebeads. The ceramic twig is by artist Diane Hawkey. I put a patina on the leaf to add some contrast in color. All were combined to make the statement focal for this red necklace. I used brass chain and gorgeous red beads with a hint of yellow. It finally came together just in time for this challenge and it is available for purchase HERE.

What bead storage and organizational methods work for you?

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  1. Great method and lovely pieces! I do use the baggie method sometime, but I feel I've become too disorganized and am working to revamp my storage and set up.