Saturday, May 7, 2016

Inspired by the Blues in the May Art Bead Scene Challenge

 "On a Shaker Theme", 1956 by Sheeler

                                                         "On a Shaker Theme", 1956
by Charles Sheeler
oil on canvas
with color palette

This month's inspiration piece is "On a Shaker Theme" by American modernist Charles Sheeler (1883–1965).  Showing his deep respect for Shaker design, Sheeler wrote, “The Shaker communities, in the period of their greatest creative activity, have given us abundant evidence of their profound understanding of utilitarian design in their architecture and crafts. They understood and convincingly demonstrated that rightness of proportion in a house or a table, with regard for efficiency in use, made embellishment superfluous,”  

handmade blue ceramic bracelet
Textured Blue and Tan Ceramic Bracelet by BayMoonDesign

I decided to keep my embellishments simple in my piece also.  I selected a button and Irish Waxed linen to hold my bracelet together.  I used a lark knot to create the clasp for the button.  The Irish waxed linen is a matching tan and the button a dark blue.  The colors in the focal and four ceramic beads by Mary Harding capture the blues, tans in the oil.   The blues in the oil really appeal to be and so do the blues in Harding's ceramics. I also like all of the lines in the ceramics and the lines in the metal beads.  The lines remind me of all of the lines in the oil.

There are a number of tutorials on the Internet on how to make a lark knot.  I refer you to a tutorial by  Mary Harding, artist of the ceramics used here.  Click here for her tutorial.  I used this tutorial not only for the lark knot, but also for ideas on how to use her 2 hole beads.  All of her ceramics in this bracelet are 2 hole. Mary referred me to this tutorial when I asked her about her two hole beads. As soon as I read it, a light bulb off in my head for this bracelet design!

Handmade Ceramic Cabochon Cobalt Blue Wild Leaves by Mary Harding

                                         Handmade Ceramic Cabochon Cobalt Blue Wild Leaves by Mary Harding

I love Harding's ceramics and especially the blue glazes that she uses.  This cabochon is colbalt blue--a favorite of mine. I have been guilty of hoarding her beads because they are so pretty, but I had to make this bracelet for this challenge because her blue in the ceramics are perfect.  For last month's challenge  I used another of her ceramic bracelet bars.  Photos of the bracelet can be found on my blog "April's Art Bead Scene Challenge".

Ceramic bracelet bar by Mary Harding
You can see the similarity in the style of both focal ceramic--lots of lines with a rustic and earthy look.  I think you will agree that her ceramics are very special.


  1. I love this bracelet! The colors are perfect, and I love the earthy feel. Your button clasp is wonderful!

  2. Ann-Thank you for your support!

  3. Beautiful job! I am still waiting for inspiration to strike cut I love where she led you.