Monday, May 30, 2016

Lessons Learned from Memorial Day Craft Fair

BayMoonDesign Table at Delaware by Hand Memorial Day Show
Once again I participated in the  Delaware by Hand Memorial Day Show held at the Zwaanendael Museum in Lewes, Delaware.  I did well at the show for a number of reasons that I would like to pass along to other crafters. 

1. Weather--I have no control over weather but monitor closely. This year the day was hot with brilliant sunshine and no rain.  Good weather is always a positive!  I picked up 2 plastic drop clothes just to be safe.  I have gotten caught in the rain before and don't use a tent unless it is a steady soaker.  Way too lazy for that!  I dressed for the weather.  I wore sunscreen 50, shorts, and a straw hat.  Also, sprayed myself with bug spray which I hate, but bugs usually love me.  I also brought a large refillable container of water with ice cubes and lunch.

2. Different Price Points-I put a price in large print on every item and still some had trouble finding the prices.  I sold items from $4 to $60.  I try to have more items in lower price range than higher.

3. Variety--I don't know about the craft fairs that you are in, but it is rare that I am in a craft fair that doesn't feature lots of jewelry.  To work around this problem,  I try to have a variety of non jewelry items and a variety of jewelry on my table.  I have lots of handmade cards, a few boxes of wine charms, scarf pins, beach bag charms, purse charms, and ankle bracelets.  I also have 3 dozen children's necklaces.  This is in addition to my necklaces, earrings, and bracelets.  This year I really tried to keep my numbers of item displayed down and carefully selected pieces that were summery and nautical.  I think that having a table that was visually less cluttered was helpful.  I had some extra pieces in cases tucked under the table.  I actually retrieved a cat necklace from the stash when a woman specifically asked for one.  This also lightened my load

4.  Your display table--I have invested in a professional card rack and earring rack, and earrings cards.  I located some inexpensive frames and removed the glass.  I cut gold Stampin' Up card stock to be used as the backings and used a punch and semi-circular Stampin' Up punch to create the slit and holes for them.  I like to put some of my earrings in frames and locate them earrings near jewelry that they compliment.  I also have a uniform look in my materials.  I use gold tablecloths and a mix of black velvet and burlap displays.  I also have a sign that I hand in front of my table that was made by Vistaprint.

5--Packaging--I focus on creating some packaging to help display my items.  I developed packaging to showcase my Scarf pins, beach charms, anklets.  I used Stampin' Up card stock that I ran through my printer and punched a few holes to attach my scarf pins, etc.  This helped to keep the items from getting lost visually on the table and help the customers recognize what they are.  My pin charms go in small boxes with a sign in it that says wine charms.  My card rack even has the cards separated by type with signs that correspond with the holiday or occasion.  I put all of my cards in cello envelopes with my business card, price, and inside saying labeled.  Can you tell I am a retired librarian?

What tips do you have to share?


  1. Kathy, great ideas, even for someone who doesn't sell beautiful jewelry as you do. Your work is beautiful. Hope to see you soon.