Saturday, June 4, 2016

Lessons Learned from Memorial Day Craft Fair Part 2

photo credit: Giles Lambert : Unsplash
My Delaware by Hand Memorial Day Show held at the Zwaanendael Museum in Lewes, Delaware was the first time I used the newest and latest Square Reader for credit card payments. Prior to this I had used the Square app with the original Square magstripe reader which just allowed the swiping of cards without the card chips. I also got to use my newly upgraded iPhone. I used the new Square reader as a way to justify upgrading my Apple iPhone from a 4 to a 6. Both my new iPhone and the new Square turned out to be better than I anticipated. Both are very much improved, easy to use and worth the investment to me.

Square magstripe reader 

I was always very nervous about using the old Square magstripe reader.  It just never seemed to swipe well.  It usually took a bunch of swipes to work.  The new one works great.  Only one swipe needed.  I needed to use it because not everyone has the new cards with the chips, however, the majority of my customers had chips in their cards.  According to Square about 70% of consumers have chips.

Square device for mobile device payments or EMV chip cards
For me, the really scary device is pictured above.  It takes mobile device payments like Apple Pay, or EMV chip cards.  Now, being of an older generation I actually watched the tutorial that I found on the app several times.  There I learned that the cord that came with the devices is used to charge the powerful battery in this device pictured above.  The battery stayed charged the entire day.  

The reader connects wirelessly to iOS or Android phones.  Fortunately, I have experience with Bluetooth devices so this didn't seem to weird to me and I am familiar with the concept of sinking devices.  You can see the opening that the card fits into and stays until the transaction is completed.  I liked the idea of no swiping!  Now, on the top and center is a small design where you hold your iPhone or Android phone on top for contactless payments like with Apple Pay.  Not having used Apple Pay I was a little concerned that I would have a problem with that, but the tutorial made it look the easiest of all to do.  I thought some fancy city folks would be at the fair with Apple Pay, but not so.  This gives me some time to get up to speed on that.

I was glad I watched the tutorial because several vendors came to me asking how to get their new Square devices to work.  I felt very smart when able to help them.

I found it very true that the way we pay for things in the United States is shifting — pretty quickly.   I am happy to say that I am shifting along with it. More than 50% of my sales were with credit cards. I am sure if I did't accept credit cards my sales would be less.

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