Sunday, June 12, 2016

The Go To Jewelry

                                       Modern Sea Shell Necklace by Baymoondesign

It is a good idea to wear your jewelry if you sell your jewelry.  I try to keep things simple in the summer so I picked 2 necklaces from my shop that will be my go to jewelry for this summer until they are sold.  My first necklace has a gorgeous lampwork sea shell by artist Marcy Lamberson.  
Off Duty On Trend

I paired the realistic looking glass seashell with silver beads, gray cultured sea glass beads, cream lampwork beads, and a lightweight aluminum chain to make a modern beach necklace.  This sea shell necklace is perfect for casual summer clothes.  I can wear this necklace with lots of off whites and beiges in my summer wardrobe.  The necklace works with shorts and slacks.

The shell necklace also works well with dresses.  It can be paired with summer gray, pink, off white dresses.

Summer Grey #2

My next go to piece this summer is a blue and silver geometric lampwork necklace.  Once again the glass focal is by 
artist Marcy Lamberson.

                           Blue and Silver Geometric Lampwork Necklace by BayMoonDesign

Blue jeans are my go to style for the summer so I can show off Lamberson glass  focal and blue rings anytime I wear a pale blue or white top with my jeans.  

blue summer

                                                   by BayMoonDesign

I paired the lampwork with black chain to give it a modern contemporary look. The necklace is very versatile.  It can also be worn with the LBD--little black dress.  

She is with me

She is with me by fatal-poison-4-u featuring a nail polish

Both of these necklaces are available for purchase in my BayMoonDesignshop.   In the meantime, I am enjoying them as my go to jewelry for summer 2016. 

What are your favorite pieces of jewelry for the  summer?


  1. Both very cute. I especially like the funky ease of the blue one!

  2. Ann-Thanks for your comment! I have to agree with you. The blue piece is what I can wear the most.