Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Fall Pantone Colors Abound in August Art Bead Scene Challenge

Pantone Fall Colors

When I saw the August's Art Bead Scene Challenge inspiration piece it reminded me of Pantone's color picks for Fall 2016.  I love the vivacious colors--especially the pinkish purple.  and the earthy green.  The Pantone colors make me happy alive!

"Park Near Lu"
By Paul Klee, 1938
Oil and coloured paste on paper on jute; original frame strips

In the inspiration piece by Paul Klee, the artist gives us his impression of a park near Lucerne, Switzerland.  You can see there is a contrast between the hard black bar strokes that represent the tree branches and the bright colors of the spaces between them.  Spring and winter, death and blossoming are portrayed in equal amounts.  I really like the colors here.  These colors make me happy.  I love the peach, teal, lilac colors.  When making jewelry recently, I  have been using black and gray gunmetal so I was happy to see those colors in this.
Happy Bird Necklace by BayMoonDesign
I have to confess, I made about 6 necklaces before settling on this design.  I almost gave up.  Each necklace included the focal with the cute bird by Heather Powers of Humblebeads, the leaf which has "Be happy" is by Green Girl Studios, and the lilac bead that I made in a class taught by Heather Powers.  I thought that the leaf was perfect for this necklace because I wanted this necklace to scream "Be Happy".  I had to make a trip to Michaels because I needed gray gunmetal chain and I had to have peach beads.  None of my beads in my stash were the right color.  When I added those two items to the mix, the necklace started to work.  I was so happy with it that I decided to add a special birds nest clasp.  Somewhere I bought what looks like a silver nest and I also had a silver branch.  I combined them and added a silver leaf to an "extra" hole on the branch.  What wasn't a set worked out to be a pretty cute as a clasp.  The necklace is available in my shop HERE.

How do you like the colors and the necklace?  


  1. Great colors! You've really captured those from the painting. I also love your "made" clasp!

  2. I like the pop of color against the more subdued tones. This picture is a lot about color and one wants to squeeze them all in, right? Fantastic clasp!

  3. I think you are right about attempting to put too many colors in. Perhaps that is why I had such a difficult time originally.

  4. I think the colors of your necklace exemplifies the Artwork. Your charms are dead on for the theme. Its difficult sometimes pulling lots of colors together, but you made it work and indeed created a Happy necklace.

  5. I had a much harder time with the colors than you did. If you hadn't confessed, I never would have guessed the design gave you trouble. Super cute and love the clasp!

  6. There's a perfect harmony of colour in your necklace. The pop of the peach adds the right highlight to make everything lively and fun.

  7. Wonderfully happy necklace. All the beads play well together in your design!

  8. The colors are great for this challenge I especially like the coral orange is it Czech? Also who doesn't love birds?!!!

    1. The coral orange beads are glass I think from Michaels! They are not Czech, but I thought they were gorgeous and they were just what I needed. I for them recently so you might try Michaels near you.

  9. You are so right, the color palette is almost perfectly matched to the Pantone fall! Great job pulling them all seamlessly together! I love the final touch of the happy dangle!