Thursday, January 19, 2017

Jan. Art Bead Scene Challenge

 Field of Flowers
Egon Schiele

January's Art Bead Scene Challenge is based on this chalk on paper art piece. This early drawing by Schiele is a mixed media study in black chalk, gouache, gold bronze paint and white body color on paper. Egon Schiele was influenced by the early expressionism of Van Gogh and Edvard Munch. He loved creating and whether it was an exuberance of flowers like this drawing or a forlorn stylized tree or a self-portrait dripping in suffering, he seems to have an honest examination of each and tried to get to the heart of his subject. 
I sought out to capture the exuberance of his flowers in my necklace.  The bright floral focal is a beautiful handmade ceramic yellow and white flower that reminds me of a daisy.

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 necklace has chunky yellow, orange and white beads with red Irish waxed linen thread and soft brown leather. The trending leather creates an adjustable neckline which makes it a great fit for all. The colorful ceramic necklace has a bohemian vibe to it. 

The ceramic is by UK artist Lesley Watt. The firey red teardrop shaped enamel beads are by Suebeads. This wearable art necklace has a boho, summer look of this necklace.

It makes a lovely birthday or anniversary gift and is available for sale HERE.

I love the painting and I hope I captured its colorful and bright feeling.  What are your thoughts.


  1. Nice bright and cheerful necklace Kathy

  2. Soft and pretty... the colors from the painted you selected make for a lovely necklace! Thanks for the visit :)

  3. Both the ceramic flower and the beads you paired it with work very well together. Love the cheerfulness of this necklace.

  4. What a fun and cheerful necklace you made! Lesley's pendant is so perfect for this challenge.