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Valentine Gift Suggestions Featuring Some Friends from My Local Art Scene

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Valentine's Day is right around the corner.  I love holidays that involve flowers and candy.  Both are favorites on mine!  They are also tradition gifts on Valentine's Day.  I want to offer up some artsy gift suggestions to go along with them.

Conversation hearts
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When I think of Valentine's Day, I think of conversation hearts which are also know as sweethearts.  They were favorites of mine as a child. They are small heart shaped sugar candies only available around Valentine's Day.  They got their start in 1901.  By the 1990s, some of the sayings were updated and others retired. The romantic expressions continue to be revised for young Americans.  As of 2010, the classic pastel candy formula is abandoned.  Sweethearts are now softer candies with vivid colors and all new flavors, which are more intense and even a bit more sour.

box of chocolates
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As an adult, I loved getting a box of fine chocolates.  I savored each piece.  Unfortunately, my high blood sugar has put an end to my chocolate eating, but I still enjoy one piece once in awhile.  I just don't get to eat an entire box like in the good old days.

I want to give you some ideas for some other very special gifts--handmade of course.

Favorite Mug:

Nautical Mug Hand Painted by UncommonMugs
                                          Nautical Mug Hand Painted by UncommonMugs

Who loves pirates? If you do or know someone who does then look no farther than this amusing hand painted mug by UncommonMugs with To Err is Human To Arr is Pirate hand painted in black enamel paints.  This shop has lots of unique mugs to choose from.

Favorite Leather:

Leather Coin Purse by Across Leather

Leather floral zip up coin purse, coin holder, zippered case, zip up case by Across Leather. This gem is composed of a single outer piece of 4 oz. Vegetable tanned leather encompassed in hand tooled floral patterns along with a 4 oz. zippered gusset. Its hand tooled, oiled, beveled, dyed with sprite dye and finished with a poly coat finish. The edges are hand stitched wax linen thread then burnished to perfection.

Favorite Earrings:

Ceramic Red Earrings by BayMoonDesign

Of course, I have to include a pair of my handmade earrings. I don't know about you, but I wear a lot of red in February. These ceramic red earrings are a perfect Valentine gift or accessory. These ceramic red earrings are made with handmade artisan Ming porcelain beads by artisan Scorched Earth. Natural brass ear wires are used to compliment the hints of gold in the porcelain beads. I love the rustic look of these handmade boho earrings
Favorite Ceramic Tile:

Lotus Ceramic Tile by JDaviesReazor
Lotus Ceramic Tile by JDaviesReazor
A gorgeous glowing blossom arises from the muddy waters. Lotus flowers often symbolize resurrection and beauty. They are also seen as a symbol of one's own potential - to bloom and grow; to acquire beauty and peace. Let the lotus tile illuminate and inspire you...

This tile  by JDaviesReazor is cast in a mold, made from my original hand sculpted low-relief sculpture. It is glazed by hand, in turquoise and green with accents of pink. It is signed on the back and also has a wire loop for hanging. 

Guess what these Etsy shops have in common.   Besides having great handmade items, they are all physically located in Delaware! Delaware is small but it has a mighty art community and Delaware has tax free shopping.

Thanks for stopping by and checking out these wonderful artists shops.

Remember to get out and support your local Art scene!
photo of roses
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  1. Excellent valentines day gift ideas!

  2. Oh my gosh. . .LOVE that pirate mug. May have to get it for the hubs!!
    And your earrings are so lovely as well. Fabulous picks :)