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Bob Dylan Loves Duluth

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I haven't made any jewelry for several weeks because I traveled to Minnesota with my husband and son.  My son moved there to start a new chapter of his life and we helped with the relocation.  I knew very little about Duluth except that it is cold there in the winter.  I discovered it is cold in the "spring" there too--just not as cold.  When we arrived at the end of April, there were still traces of snow on the ground.  That got my attention!

I also new that Bob Dylan was born in Duluth and when he was about 16 or 17 years old, he went to hear his idle Buddy Holly play at the Duluth National Guard Armory which is still there today.

Before going there I did some reading to discover more about Duluth and found that it is a major port city in Minnesota and has a population of 86,110. Situated on the north shore of Lake Superior at the westernmost point of the Great Lakes, Duluth is accessible to oceangoing vessels from the Atlantic Ocean 2,300 miles away via the Great Lakes Waterway and the Saint Lawrence Seaway. Around the start of the 20th century, the city's port passed New York City and Chicago in gross tonnage handled, making it the leading port in the United States.

Lake Superior
One huge surprise for me were the steep hillsides that climb from Lake Superior to high inland elevations.  Duluth has been called "the San Francisco of the Midwest.  Before World War II,  parts of Duluth had a network of streetcars and an "Incline Railroad" like San Francisco's cable cars.

photo of Fitger's Brewery
Fitger's Brewery
I had been told that Duluth has great food and beer.  There are over half dozen breweries in Duluth.  I am not a huge beer drinker but I did sample a few and they were tasty.  There are a variety of restaurants here.  We ate at a few of the most popular in our short stay.

Located in a historic and renovated building the Fitger's Brewery dates back to 1885.  It is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.  I loved the historic atmosphere, food, and beer here.

photo of Pickwick Restaurant and Pub

Pickwick Restaurant and Pub
Pickwick Restaurant and Pub is another historic restaurant located right next door. An area landmark since 1914, it offers award-worthy meals with an Old World atmosphere. The European style woodwork and furniture is a hardy hat tip to Duluth’s skilled immigrants.

We had to visit a ribs joint and we picked out the newly opened OMC Smokehouse. OMC stands for Oink Moo Cluck.  Too cute!  The menu featured items like  pulled pork, grass-fed beef brisket, St. Louis style ribs and Nashville hot chicken (fried and spicy).  They also carried beer from a local distillery.

Whether it's the homemade comfort food like pies, pasties or pot roast (made with bison, of course) or the commitment to doing strange things like raising bees on the roof, Duluth Grill makes you take notice. 

Black Woods Grill and Bar is another great spot to get a great meal.  I was very impressed to read that Brad Pitt and Rory Gilmore were a few notables who are there.

Downtown Duluth's waterfront has a 3.5 mile sky walk that allows walkers to travel in climate controller comfort to movies, shops, restaurants, etc. We were glad to escape the 40 degree and heavy. 
I love seeing the old buildings and homes from the turn of the century. 

photo of image wall
Image wall

A visit to Canal Park along Lake Superior is a must.  On the way you can enjoy the natural beauty of the lake.  You can also view an image wall with mosaics based on photographs from Duluth's waterfront history.  

photo of Canal Park, Duluth
Canal Park, Duluth

photo of ship William A Irvin

In the heart of Canal Park, set against the majestic Aerial Lift Bridge, is a Great Lakes vessel from 1930's. Despite carrying iron ore and coal for 40 years through treacherous storms, the William A. Irvin remains in pristine condition today and you can tour through it.

photo of Spirit Bay Trading Company
Spirit Bay Trading Company

Every time i visit a new place, I always try to find a bead shop and stop in to buy some beads.  I love to create my own souvenirs.   I found a gem in Duluth in the Canal Park area.   The Spirit Bay Trading Company  supports local (and USA made) businesses and artisans. The carry products inspired by the northwoods and nature.  

Even though I was only in Duluth for a long weekend,  I got a real feel for the town and hope I get to return there.  It definitely has a strong arts scene that I would like to explore.

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  1. Delightful post and photos! Hope your son enjoys it there! --Sharyl