Tuesday, November 13, 2018

We're All Ears :: November Inspiration :: Cornucopia

photo of fall leaves
Photo by Chris Lawton on Unsplash
In the United States, November is a special month.  We celebrate Thanksgiving on the fourth Thursday of the month.  This is a holiday created to express gratefulness and reflect on the plentiful abundance we have to offer the world. The cornucopia is the perfect symbol for our We're All Ears inspiration this month. 

photo of Horn of Plenty
Horn of Plenty

The Cornucopia is also known as the Horn of Plenty. As a symbol, a Cornucopia is typically depicted as a horn shaped receptacle overflowing with fruits, grains, flowers, and/or vegetables. It signifies good luck and abundance.

Cornucopia Earrings by BayMoonDesign

The Cornucopia Earrings that I designed were inspired my wish that  the positive changes in nature that have taken place over recent years continue. The ozone layer - which protects us from the sun's harmful radiation - is slowly healing, the United Nations announced recently. Over the northern half of the world, the layer should be completely repaired by the 2030s, the report said. The good news is due to decades of worldwide cooperation to phase out ozone-depleting chemicals. Another piece of good news is that the eagle our national symbol since 1782. In the 1960s and 1970s that Bald Eagles became an emblem of the environmental movement as their numbers plummeted from the effects of the pesticide DDT. Once DDT was banned and the species was protected under the new Endangered Species Act. Eagle numbers began to rebound, gradually at first and then with increasing vigor. In 2007, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service removed the Bald Eagle from the federal endangered species list.  Where I live there is a noticeable increase in bald eagles.  

I took this photo of a pair of bald eagles chatting near my home a few weeks ago.
We still have lots to do to protect our natural environment and we have lost the battle in some areas, but we are seeing progress in some major ways and should celebrate those victories and we must continue the effort.

For those who follow my blog, you have seen my travels to many of the wonderful National Parks across the nation from Blue Ridge Mountains of Shenandoah National Park , Virginia to Big Bend National Park, Texas.  I am thankful we have the National Park System.  I love to spot different wildlife and photograph them while there.  
Ibis in Everglades National Park, Florida

Cornucopia Earrings by BayMoonDesign

I incorporate into these earrings birds, flowers, and butterflies to celebrate  nature.  The delicate orange flowers have swarovski crystals in them to give sparkle. Copper butterflies and birds add an earthy look. The orange shades of the earrings make these fall earrings perfect for fall and especially Thanksgiving. I mixed the metals up to add to the boho vibe. The filagree gives the dangles additional texture and visual interest.

Copper colored and orange butterfly and  flower
Copper colored and orange butterfly and  flower

Thankful Photo by Pro Church Media on Unsplash
Photo by Pro Church Media on Unsplash

I would love to hear your comments and have you follow my blog.  We're All Ear's is a blog that I follow and I can't wait to see what that blog inspired others to create.


  1. Your earrings are wonderful and the stories of recovery behind them are beautiful. Here's hoping we have ever more stories like that for which to be thankful.

  2. I love that you were able to use physical shapes in your design to represent the abundance coming from a cornucopia. And, the mixed metals are perfect for the fall. Nicely done, Kathy!

  3. This is a very interesting take on Cornucopia. While I recently did a necklace based on creation as a whole, it did not strike me to look at the balance of eco systems. This post has been an eyeopener in terms of how news have be a good design influence

  4. What a great post and lovely earrings.

  5. Beautiful combination of metals and textures!