Friday, September 12, 2014

California Here We Come! My Etsy Store Is On the Road!

Our camper and my Etsy Store

My husband and I and our 3 cats are on the road for 6 weeks.  We left Delaware and are heading to California.  Our goal once we get to California is to visit Yosemite National Park.  We are taking our time and making a number of stops along the way.  Since we are going to be gone for so long, I took my Etsy store with me.  Fortunately, jewelry and cards are small.  We have a hot spot which enables us to have Internet.  I have a wireless printer and my mailing supplies. 
My Etsy Handmade Card Store and Wireless Printer

My Etsy Packing Station Inside the Camper

First stop is in Blue Ridge Mountains

Our first stop as we head south was Meadows at Dan in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia.  It was a great spot to enjoy the mountains and meadows.

There were cabins available .
Even though there were camping spots for tents, trailers, and cabins, there was only one other camper there besides us.  This time next month when the leaves are turning it will be packed.

sign in the bathroom
I had time to take a photo on a picnic table for my last blog.  The photo turned out better than any that I have taken all summer.  Go figure!
Crocheted Multi-colored Quartz Necklace is available HERE
I was able to list this necklace in my Etsy store while on the road.  Next stop was Ashville, North Carolina.
Wildflowers along the Blue Ridge Parkway

Blue Ridge Mountains, North Carolina

We enjoyed driving through the clouds in places and seeing gorgeous wildflowers by the roadside.  


  1. That crocheted necklace is stunning! Is it difficult to crochet wire and add all the beads/gemstones?


  2. oh my! what a trip and what scenery! Enjoy!! and I can't believe how resourceful you are to take your shop with you on the road .... fantastic idea! (love that picnic table photo ... beautiful)

  3. Sounds like a fun adventure! Somehow I didn't realize you made cards too. Isn't it amazing how natural light can enhance your photos so much!? Enjoy the trip. :)