Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Bead Table Wednesday -Love for SuperDuos Began with Aunties Beads Tutorial

 Aunties Beads Wrap Bracelet made with SuperDuos
This Bead Table Wednesday,  I am going to share with you a tutorial and bracelet that are on my beading table.  I have seen folks use SuperDuos beads in projects and loved their look, but I never tried them until I ran across a wrap bracelet tutorial on Aunties Beads website.  These beads are unique because each bead has 2 holes that are parallel to each other.  This bracelet also calls for combining the SuperDuos with seed beads.  Aunties Beads has lots of seed beads to choose from.     With wrap bracelets being so popular, I am increasing the number that I carry in my Etsy shop and also stocking up my inventory for my upcoming Fall craft fairs.

SuperDuos and seed beads come in so many colors that the combinations could be endless. The tutorial calls for a button for the focal  besides the one used as a clasp. Of course a focal bead would work too and in my bracelet I used a ceramic owl focal bead that I had as well as a vintage gold button from my stash.

These Are the Instructions from Instructions from Aunties Beads:

  • Determine the length of the finished wrap. For instance if you want it to wrap three times, as my sample, than figure 7.5x3=22.5 and add some extra.
  • You will need to double the amount you determine, so I am going to cut about 50" of beading wire.
  • String enough 11/0 seed beads to create a loop around your button, I used about 32 beads, let these beads drop to the center of the beading wire.
  • String a SuperDuo (SD) over both wires and bring it down to the 11/0's.
  • Repeat this pattern, 11/0 on both wires and SD until you have threaded about 8 1/2"; string on the other button and continue the 11/0-SD pattern for another 12".
  • When you have reached your end, ending with 11/0's string (1) 11/0 on to both wires together and run the wires up through a crimp bead, wire guardian back down the other side of the wire guardian.
  • Slip the button shank onto the wire guardian and then run the wires back through the crimp bead.
  • Make the necessary adjustments to tighten up the work and flat crimp the crimp bead using chain nose pliers.
  • Trim the excess wire with your nipper tool to complete! 

  • SuperDuos and Seed Bead Bracelet with Owl focal by BayMoonDesign

    Basic Tools and Materials Needed for the Project:
    Czech Glass 2.5x5mm SuperDuos, 10 grams - 12grams -Plan on 12 grams so that you have enough
    11/0 Seed Beads
    Focal of your choice 
    Button of your choice
    2x2mm Crimp Beads, 1pc
    Beadalon 19-strand Wire, 30 ft, .015, Silver
    Bent Chain Nose Pliers
    Flush Cutter
    The website lists some color combinations that you can consider.

    Vintage Gold Button used in design by BayMoonDesign

    I found the directions on Aunties Beads website easy to follow and I am thrilled with my owl wrap bracelet.  I also discovered some Pinterest resources that you may want to use for other projects.  These resources can also be used to get ideas of how some of the many color combinations look:
    Superdrive Bracelets on Pinterest
    Super Duo Bracelets on Pinterest 
     Have fun creating!  I would love to see your wrap bracelets!  I would also like to hear what color combinations you like.  

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