Tuesday, September 23, 2014

15th Non Blogger/Blogger Challenge Inspiration "Who Shall Be Captain" for Beaders and Art Bead Designers

"Who Shall Be Captain" by Howard Pyle (public domain image)

While on the road to California in our camper, I found out that I won the 14th Round Robin for the Non-Blogger/Blogger Challenge with my owl and acorn necklace.  This also meant that I am the hostess for the 15th Round Robin for the Blogger/Non-Blogger Challenge(BNB Challenge) at the Bead Peeps. 
Bay Moon Design winning Owl and Acorn necklace

For the 15th Round of the BNB Challenge, I am changing it up a bit.  You may create ONE Jewelry Design  or ONE Art Bead Design inspired by the illustration of Who Shall Be Captain by Howard Pyle.

With each design option, there will be two sets of winning prizes based on public, popular votes.   The designs with the most "LIKES" for the category "jewelry" or "art bead" will win. The creator of each winning design may choose a $25 gift certificate to Bay Moon Design Etsy store or a Bead Soup created by me and valued at $25.  Free shipping is included with either choice.   At my Etsy store you may select from handmade whimsical cards and jewelry.  Winners will announced on November 18.

For our design theme in general, consider creating a gift for someone you love or want to uplift.  The holiday season is right around the corner.   You may also consider creating for charity.

I hope you follow my blog so that you can keep up to date with this event.  I will be blogging about why I selected this piece of art and providing a color palette.

CONTEST BEGINS: Signups are now!  Reveal date is November 10 , 2014 12:00 A.M. Eastern standard when voting begins.

To Participate, SIGN UP INSTRUCTIONS and RULES ARE HERE: https://www.facebook.com/groups/beadPeeps/

If you aren't one of the 900 plus members of the Bead Peeps Group, just ask to join!

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