Wednesday, September 24, 2014

My Etsy Store Travels to a Ghost Town in TerlinguaTexas

signs of recent gentrification of Terlingua

Terlingua is located near Big Bend, Texas.  It is the proud home of the historic Chisos Mining Company, the original Chili Cookoff (both of 'em), Carroll Shelby's Championship Terlingua Racing Team, and the Terlingua Trading Company.  

This is a church located in Terlingua and it is still used.  The roads are dirt and rugged.  There are lots of hills and bends in them. 

The recent 'gentrification' of downtown Terlingua has brought visitors to enjoy sunsets, dinning, shopping.  I could see where folks took parts from abandoned houses and built new ones.  I am really not sure everyone was indoor plumbing!   I didn't see any signs of a doctor, dentist, Home Depot, for over a 100 miles.  I did spot a Family Crisis Center there in Terlingua.

Big Bend
Of course, Mother Nature and Big Bend are the main attractions!

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