Friday, March 20, 2020

Leather Jewelry with Sliding Knot Tutorial

I found several tutorials that show how to make a sliding knot. Once you have mastered the sliding knot you can use it to make a number of necklaces and bracelets.  Jewelry cord with a sliding knot closure is perfect for finishing casual necklaces and bracelets and offers many advantages. Sliding knot closures are adjustable in length, so one size fits all. It is also a metal-free finishing method for those with sensitive skin.

When selecting a cord for your project, let the weight and size of your pendant or beads be the guide for your cord. Use smaller cord with small, lightweight adornments, and use a heavier cord with large pendants.

Adjustable Boho Beach Bracelet by BayMoonDesign

I love the casual look of this leather bracelet and it is easy to make. I tend to gravitate to any quick easy design that allows for flexibility in length because making bracelets can be a challenge due to the necessity of sizing the bracelet correctly. Since I market my jewelry to a wide range of customers, I like to make it appeal to a broad range. This sliding knot design broadens the range of wrists this bracelet can fit. I wanted some great looking colored leather that would compliment the beads that I selected to use.

2mm gray cord from Plessmann Endless

I selected 2 mm round cord from Plessmann Endless Leather in gray. The reason I was drawn to this company is because I have have used their leather before because they have a wide selection and in leather cords. They have more than 2000 different leather cords at wholesale prices online. I selected gray because I knew that I was going to use some word beads by Scottish artisan Grubbi and a pewter sea urchin bead. I love silver with blues. Gray is a neutral color so it was an easy selection.

In this video by Beadaholique, you will see from start to finish how to make a bracelet with slide knots using 2mm round leather cord and large hole beads. You will also see how to use crimp covers to hold the beads in place.

Another tutorial with photos and step by step instructions that I recommend for making sliding knots is by Rings & Things.  In this tutorial the sliding knot is used to create a leather necklace.

I used the sliding knot to make this adjustable boho leather bracelet that makes a great gift for a beach lover. The beach bracelet has a pewter sea urchin with word beads surrounding it. The word beads say "the ocean calms my restless soul" and "salty air and not a care"'.  The pale blues, greens and yellows give the bracelet a peaceful bohemian beach feel.

I liked the design so much that I made another bracelet that is similar and includes some different word beads by Grubbi.  The bead says "the ocean breeze puts my mind to ease. Once again I used the sea urchin bead.  

I love that there is no limit to creativity with leather.  Comments are welcome!  

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