Friday, July 23, 2010

Christmas in July

Here's a crocheted necklace made with red wire and red dyed turoquise and emerald green cats eye beads. Attached to the necklace is a red and green flip flop. The necklace is 21 inches in length and held together by gold clasp. This necklace that reminds me of Christmas in the Caribbean. Since I made this in July, I think Christmas in July is a fitting name for it. This necklace brings back some beautiful family memories! It reminds me of our first trip to the Bahamas several years ago. It was on this trip that we learned about the Junkanoo. It is believed that this festival began there during the 16th and 17th centuries. The slaves were given a special holiday at Christmas time, when they could leave the plantations to be with their family and celebrate the holidays with African dance, music and costumes. After emancipation, they continued this tradition and, today, Junkanoo has evolved from its simple origins to an organized parade with intricate costumes and music. Every Christmas we hang a brass cow bell that was used in a Junkanoo parade on our tree.

This was a wonderful vacation for a number of reasons. Who doesn't love escaping the cold of December and being able to wear flip flops? Wearing flip flops in the winter and feeling the warm sand between your toes is a real treat. This necklace is reminiscent of the warm weather and soft breezes. I have combined summer flip flops with traditional Christmas colors of red and green. This necklace would be a fabulous accessory for a seaside vacation or cruise in December or it would be a great necklace for anyone who loves flip flops.

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