Thursday, July 29, 2010

Pirates and Treasure Inspiration

Who needs a treasure chest when you have beauties like these beads in the ocean? Those were my thoughts when I sat down to begin making this necklace. I had just come home from the bay where I live and I had a great time watching the pirate ship that entertains the locals and tourists. I watched with great interest the water fight between the "good" ship and the pirate ship. I thought about how centuries ago ships like these might be fighting over a treasure chest. I have little beauties like these beads on my work table and they remind me of the bounty that is under to ocean for everyone to enjoy and protect. I am happy I can share this treasure with you.

This bronze necklace is 18 inches(45.72 cm) long and contains bronze nautilus shells beads, bronze pearls, peach and cream colored beads, and is crocheted and braided using copper wire. The beads were strung onto copper wire, crocheted, and then 3 strands were handwoven together. It is unique and stunning. Crocheted necklaces are my passion. The different shades of copper, browns, bronze,and the peachy and cream colors compliment each other. The necklace is held together with a copper toggle clasp.

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