Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th of July

I love the 4th of July for a lot of reasons. We celebrate our liberty which has been earned through the sacrifices of many. This is a holiday that is in my favorite season--Summer. Just about every year I celebrate the 4th of July on Lewes Beach, Delaware. This small, beach town usually has some great unofficial fireworks that are set off over the water. Even though the fireworks are small in comparison to some of the large fireworks displays, they are very special to me. I love to see their reflection over the water and hear the sounds of them moving through the air and exploding over the water with the sound of the waves in the background.

This holiday inspired my latest necklace which I have named my "4th of July Necklace". It is made from shells, buttons, and beads. The shells are from many beaches and Lewes Beach is one of the locations from which I get my shells . I have used the primary colors of red, white, and blue with a pop of yellow . It can be worn around the neck with one, two, or three loops. I prefer three. My daughter likes to wear this casual design as a bracelet sometimes. It is crocheted using monofilament wire so it has lots of flexibility. This is a lively and fun addition to a casual wardrobe.

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