Saturday, September 4, 2010

Red Sky in Morning, Sailors Take Warning

Inspiration for this necklace comes from the old nautical saying "Red Sky in Morning, Sailors Take Warning". As hurricane Earl approached the East coast of the United States, my eyes turned to the sky which is always interesting before and after a hurricane. Thank you Mother Nature for being very easy on us in Lewes, Delaware ! I am thankful that our little boat was not hauled out of the water and survived the waves so that we can use it a little longer.

The reds in the sky made me think of these beautiful red blister pearls that I had. This necklace is made with red blister pearls and smoky colored crystals which I added to give some additional sparkle and pop. The necklace has a dainty silver heart clasp and is 18 inch (45.7cm) long. It is simply gorgeous!

I love to use pearls because they are classic and are from nature, I choose blister pearls for this necklace. If you aren't familiar with these pearls, you may know them as bouton pearls. They are called blister pearls because they are attached to the inside of the oyster shell in the form of a blister.

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  1. Thank goodness Earl left you unharmed! Your necklace is indeed beautiful and I can see how you were inspired by that wonderful old saying.