Monday, June 23, 2014

A Few Fall and Winter 2014 Jewelry Trends

Geometric Jewelry

Geometric Jewelry

I want to take a look at a few of the trends in jewelry this fall and winter 2014 that I have found. I looked online, in bead shops, and fashion magazines at popular shapes used in jewelry. I found that geometric shapes are big.  Examples include edgy, modern spikes and chevrons, waves, lines, and stars are popular. 

Geometric shapes from

I also wanted to see what some popular colors are trending.  I found blues like cobalt blue, royal blue. They are slated to be big this Fall, and I love the shades Pantone includes in their Fall Color Report, especially when paired with the trendy neutral, Aluminum. I am happy to see blue returning. It is a favorite of mine.  Another favorite of mine is big and that is black.  

These are a few of the trends that I have noticed.  I will continue to search and would love to know what your thoughts are.  I plan to do another blog on this topic and would like to add your thoughts.

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