Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Bead Table Wednesday and Jewelry Stringing Summer 2014

Bead Table Wednesday is designed by Heather Powers to help share what is on our table today.  

Jewelry Stringing Summer 2014
 My jewelry table has a copy of Jewelry Stringing Summer 2014 on it.   I am very excited to see a pair of my earrings in the magazine.  These particular earrings have ceramics from one of my favorite shops Suburban Girl Studio.  I am planning on spending my evening enjoying looking through at all 94 jewelry designs in it.  I know I find some inspiration in it.

I am excited to see all the designs!

I have 3 pieces of jewelry on my table which I have been struggling with.  I also have a copy of Cindy Winner's book on making loops and I have started to make some of the loops.   Hopefully, you will see the loops and finished piece next week.

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  1. How cool! Congratulation! :)

    (do you have a pic of the earrings to show? You know I am curious ^^)