Saturday, May 31, 2014

Ocean Blog Hop

Lots of blue, green, white beads and  nautical findings sent to BayMoonDesign for this blog
If you know me, you know I am all about the beach so I had to jump at the chance to participate in Lisa Lodge's Ocean Blog Hop.  I got some great blue, green and white beads and nautical findings to use.

Shell photo from

Ocean Inspired Bracelet by BayMoonDesign

 I used lots of the the pale blue beads and a few of the metal fish beads in this memory wire bracelet.  There are 3 rows of the luscious beads that wrap around the wrist.  The pale blue beads are accentuated by silver beads. The silver beads include 2 shells and 2 fish. The bracelet is inspired by the ocean and its aquatic creatures.This ocean inspired bracelet is great fun for the summer.  It is available for purchase HERE.

Seahorse Necklace by BayMoonDesign

Most of the pale green beads went into my seahorse necklace. The seahorse necklace has a hand embossed on natural brass focal with blue and green patinas applied. A sealant was then applied. The pendant is on an natural brass chain with 4ply sage Irish waxed thread and pale green beads woven through the chain. These materials give the green necklace a beachy look and who doesn't love the beautiful ocean creature-the seahorse.

A few of the white beads went into this starfish bracelet 
I used a few of the white beads for this starfish bracelet.  I paired the white beads with the pretty ceramic by Marti's Beads  and Buttons and denim blue Irish waxed linen thread.  I still have lots of these white beads left.

Sea glass beads from Znetshows
You only get a peak at part of my last piece.  I used every piece of sea glass beads from Lisa and every piece I got from Znetshows for their summer blog hop.  I am one of Znetshows designers so I am involved in creation daytime and evening sets of jewelry to be showcased by Znetshows in June.  Please visit my blog around June 13 to see what the whole necklace looks like.  You will also get a look at the matching bracelet and earrings

Your hostess:  Lisa Lodge, A Grateful Artist
Christie Searle Murrow, Charis Designs Jewelry
Kim Dworak, Cianci Blue
Karin Grosset Grange, Ginkgo et Coquelicot
Candida Elkins Castleberry, Spun Sugar Beadworks
Veralynne Malone, Designed by Vera
Monique Urquhart, A Half-Baked Notion
Katrina Taylor, I Wanna Go Out
Mary Ann Macri Jacobs, Trucksville Crafts
Jeanne Steck, Gems by Jeanne Marie
Ann Schroeder, Bead Love
Marianne Baxter, Simply Seablime Jewelry
Terri Wlaschin, Dances in Fog
Margaret Pelech, Margaret Pelech's Ocean Blog
Jo-Ann Woolverton, It's a Beadiful Creation
Kathy Zeigler Lindemer, Bay Moon Design
Heather Richter, Desert Jewelry Designs
Andrea Glick-Zenith, ZenithJade Creations
Please visit all of the participants and give them some positive feedback.

I love the photo of the shell on the beach.  I got this from  If you are interested in having access to great copyright free photos and graphics like this one, sign up for a free 7 day trial of and see what they have to offer.  I have found some great images to punch up my blogs!


  1. You created a lot of beautiful ocean pieces, the sea horse necklace is so creative with the linen and chain combination! All your pieces give an impression of peace and serenity, exactly what I feel when I look at the ocean.

  2. Beautiful pieces, I love what you did with your beads. I really enjoyed the seahorse necklace - that one is my favorite.

  3. I love how each of your pieces has a different feel - the fun of the memory wire bracelet, the romantic, beachy feel of the necklace and pretty calming feel of the starfish bracelet. All wonderful. I am intrigued by your sneak preview and will definitely be back!

  4. Beautiful pieces! I especially love the seahorse necklace.

  5. Your designs are perfect as always, Kathy (I am jealous of those pale green beads... so sublime with that lovely seahorse you created). Will definitely check out your next Znetshows reveal :)

  6. Great job, Kathy! I especially like the blue memory wire bracelet - I would wear that a lot. The fish is so darn cool and the mix of blue tones really says Ocean to me. The seahorse necklace is so serene and beautiful. So glad you could be in the hop!

  7. You really embraced the theme and created a lot of great pieces. The sea horse necklace is my favorite. I love the color and the way you used the linen. Absolutely beautiful!

  8. Love the use of the waxed linen. Adds some wonderful texture to your designs.

  9. Lovely pieces, especially liking the watery feel of the memory wire bracelet. Sorry for delay in comments. My post is up now. Please swing on by.

  10. Very pretty! I love the memory wire bracelet.

  11. I love working with patina. Your seahorse pendant is outstanding. The pastel colors are very calming.

  12. The starfish bracelet is so pretty- I think it's my fav. I also love how you've embossed and patinaed the seahorse pendant. Lovely work Christie

  13. I just love your necklace! The waxed linen woven in the chain is a great touch!

  14. Excellent job...Love the first see it being worn on the beach!

  15. Great pieces Kathy. I really like your starfish bracelet.

  16. beautiful, really love your bracelets

  17. I really like how you made different types of bracelets. I especially like the knotted bracelet. Great job