Saturday, May 24, 2014

Irish Waxed Linen Blog Hop

Seahorse Necklace by BayMoonDesign with Irish waxed linen thread woven through Vintaj chain
I love Irish Waxed Linen Thread.  It really appeals to my tactile sense.  I jumped at the chance to create some pieces for this blog hop.  I also wanted to create some summer inspired jewelry.  If you know me, you know I love the beach. 

My first piece is this seahorse necklace.   The seahorse necklace is hand embossed on natural brass with blue and green patinas applied. A sealant was then applied. The pendant is on an natural brass chain with 4ply sage Irish waxed thread from White Clover Kiln and pale green beads woven through the chain. These materials give the green necklace a beachy look.

Sunset at the Beach Bracelet by BayMoonDesign

My second deigns is this bright orange bracelet that is perfect for the beach also. The orange glass beads remind me of sea glass.  These sea glass beads are from Znetshows.  I combined orange with turquoise beads and found this great 4ply  turquoise Irish waxed linen thread from Ornamentalia to use.  I added some orange heart dangles from JLynnJewels and beads to the clasp.

Turquoise earrings by Bay Moon Design

My last piece is a great pair of earrings which combines turquoise Irish Linen thread from Ornamentalia and these great turquoise polymer clay beads from Sacaccino and a few white seed beads.  They have a wonderful boho look.

A big thanks goes to  Diana Ptaszynski of Suburban Girl Studio for organizing this blog hop.  Please visit the participants and leave nice comments.

Diana Ptaszynski

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  1. Beautiful Kathy! each piece is so warm an perfectly summer! love that seahorse pendant, and the color mix for the bracelet is fantastic! bold and rich in color!! Those earrings are truly perfectly boho - LOVE them

  2. Love the seahorse pendant and your use of the twine with chain and beads is wonderful!

  3. Great designs, Kathy! My favorites are those earrings... just yummy. I'm feeling inspired to try some earrings with waxed linen myself after seeing yours and some of the other great designs.

  4. Hi Kathy I like the cord through the chain and it pairs well with your lovely seahorse pendant. Your earrings are pretty too.

  5. Fun pieces! I like the combination of the chain with the thread - makes you take a 2nd look.

  6. Your waxed linen pieces are lovely. My favorite is the seahorse necklace. What a calming color that looks great with the brass.

  7. Incredible designs! I love how you wove the beads and linen through the chain on the first necklace and those earrings are so precious.

  8. Great work Kathy - love that first necklace - it has a lovely soft watery feel to it.

  9. I love the way you incorporated chain into your necklace design with the waxed linen. What a neat idea.

  10. Beautiful pieces. I especially love the seahorse necklace! Thanks for participating!

  11. Beautiful! especially love the earrings :)

  12. These are great pieces. I love the use of the seaglass with the linen cord. Very pretty. And the seahorse necklace is so pretty. Love them all.

  13. These are all beautiful pieces. I love the way you intertwined the waxed linen section into the chain - would not thought of that and it definitely give the piece the weight that I sometimes feel just waxed linen gives. Great work!

  14. Great beachy designs! The way you used cord in the necklace gives that piece a natural, organic feel.

  15. I love your pieces and it must have taken a long time to weave those beads onto the linen through the chain!

  16. I like the way you used the linen and beads to create a nautical theme.

  17. I especially like the way you used the linen cord and bead to create jewelry with a nautical theme. How fun!

  18. That seahorse pendant is fabulous. I love the clever way you threaded the linen cord through the chain with the beads. Gives it a feel of seaweed,almost. I like that. I love the turquoise and orange colors of the bracelet. Those are my very favorite color combo. The earrings are cute. Love the beaded fringe. That will get me every time! Thank you for participating in the hop.

  19. All 3 are great pieces! Your sea horse pendant is great and I love the fringe on the earrings!

  20. I like how you beach bracelet put me in a nice place. Your earrings are also quite nice.

  21. Hi Kathy, a fellow beach lover!! I love the seahorse necklace, it is quite tactile and I love that in my necklaces (I'm a necklace girl)! The color is perfect and reminds me of the seaweed on the beach!

  22. Red and turquoise together is probably one of my favorite color combos. And that seahorse piece is awesome!

  23. Love your Seahorse necklace. Very unique the way you used the chain mixed the waxed linen and beads.

  24. How cute that bracelet is! Love how you used the two hole beads and the color combo

  25. I think waxed linen is perfect for your summer-inspired desigsn! Gorgeous, especially love the earrings!

  26. Great pieces! I love all of them, but the red and turquoise is so striking.