Sunday, May 4, 2014

Jewelry Making Mojo Challenge-Week 7 Is Monochromatic!

It's about to get monochromatic!
 So this week we are going to limit our choices to increase our creativity!
Heather Powers Assignment:  Make a piece of jewelry with just one color, varying to value (light & darkness), shape and texture for interest.  

I found this assignment challenging because I hardly ever work with just one color.  Fortunately, we were given some resources to read.  I checked out a great article on Making Your Monochromatic Magnificent by color guru Margie Deebs and an article from Brandi Hussey on the Color of Metal.  I used tips from both to make my bracelet.  I dug around in my blue bead collection.  I have a lot of this color and I don't seem to use them often.  I am determine to start using them!  I gathered beads that were different in shape and size, and had interesting textures. After narrowing down my selection to a variety of blue beads,  I then looked through what silver beads I had.  I love to pair blue with silver and Hussey's article supports this metal selection.   
My Inspiration for This Assignment Is the Summer
Graphic from Graphic Stock

I have a Delaware by Hand craft fair coming up Memorial Day in Lewes, Delaware,  so I wanted to make something summery.   I have been focusing on bracelets so I decided since I had a lot of blue beads I would make a memory wire bracelet.  To me summer is all about the beach and Atlantic Ocean.  My silver bead collection included some fish and sea shell charms so I decided to incorporate them into the bracelet to build on my summer at the beach theme.

Pale Blue Fish Bracelet by BayMoonDesign

 The silver beads include 2 sea shells and 2 fish. I put a cute silver fish in the center of the bracelet

This stacked bracelet includes silver fish and sea shells

 I love dangles on my bracelets so I used a matching silver fish as a dangle on one end of the memory wire bracelet and on the other I have 3 sets of blue and silver beads.

This bracelet reminds me of the water off Key Largo, Florida.  On my last snorkeling trip there before heading back to Delaware, the water was like a sheet of glass and I saw lots of beautiful fish. 

Yellowtail fish in Key Largo, Florida


  1. Oh, it does look cool and watery! What restful colors!

  2. I do love the illusion of stacked bracelets. So pretty and fun. Slip this over a tropical-bright manicure and summer is ON! (I would reach for this Memorial Day to Labor Day!)

  3. I really like what you did here. This one's going to get snapped right up!