Monday, May 19, 2014

Mojo Challenge Week 8: Color Palette Inspiration

Thanks to sites like  Design Seeds and Pinterest there are lots of places to find color inspiration.  For the last blog hop we played with one color and now we are taking it to the next level.

Humblebeads Assignment:
Find a color palette to use as the inspiration for your next jewelry design. Pick a color palette that isn't your go-to colors! Think outside the box this week.

Find a Color Palette You Love or Challenges You-Graphic from Graphic Stock
Tips for Working with Color Palettes:
I happen to love the color palettes that Brandi Hussey creates for the Art Bead Scene challenges, like the one below.  The colors in the painting Capriccio Padovano by Bernardo Bellotto, are the inspiration.

Color Palette Hussey created for May Art Bead Scene Challenge
I used predominately the light blue and the  copper colors in Hussey's palette for my necklace inspired by the painting.   
Seahorse Necklace by BayMoonDesign

This unique seahorse necklace has sea shells, a handmade artisan seahorse focal by SlinginMud and a handmade copper clasp. by BayMoonDesign.  It is crocheted using copper wire. The sea shells are strung onto copper wire, crocheted, and then 3 strands are handwoven together. If you would like to purchase this seahorse necklace, please click HERE.

Thank you Heather Powers for this great mojo challenge.  What are your thoughts about my piece and the color palette?


  1. Oh that is awesome! WOW! Very cool & fabulous. The crochet beads are imaginative and enchanting. lovely with the focal.

    I hope to jump in with you all again for some MOJO soon! My poem pice waits unpublished but suddenly it was BSBP8 & I'm still commenting, lol.

    Anyway, gorgeous work, as always Kathy! ♥ Rita

  2. I also like Brandi's palettes. You chose such a pretty one. Really like your crochet in the design. Beautiful piece.

  3. Love those shells and how you used wire crochet. very cool!

  4. Beautiful and a smart way to combine two challenges! I love the colors and the fun way you crocheted the shells - very unique!