Friday, June 12, 2015

Art Bead Scene June Challenge

Feuilles, 1928  By Seraphine Louis

This month's Art Bead Scene Challenge is by Séraphine Louis, known as "Séraphine de Senlis" ("Séraphine of Senlis ") (1864–1942).  She was a self-taught French painter in the naïve style. Her works were inspired by her religious faith and by stained-glass church windows and other religious art. Her images are intense both in color and in replicative designs. Louis's works are predominantly rich fantasies of intensely repeated and embellished floral arrangements.  Sometimes her signature (typically "S. Louis") was carved by knife, revealing a ground of contrasting color. In some cases, she appears to have signed her paintings before painting them.

This month's painting is bursting with pink, red, orange, golden yellow and rich greens and hints of purple. I love how the colors contrast against the white leaves.   There is also a  palette of creams and off-whites which I focused on for my piece.  I also decided to focus on a single leaf theme rather than the over-abundance portrayed in the art by layering leaves together.
Leaf Earrings by Bay Moon Design

I created a pair of earrings from a pair of cream colored lampwork leaves by Canadian Kim Snider of Mandrel Beads. I combined these lovely leaves with soapstone amber beads and a little silver.  I used some large silver large ear wires which I made.  

lampwork leaves by Kim Snider 
These earrings as well as other jewelry are for sale HERE in my online store.  I hope you will visit me there!


  1. These are absolutely lovely! The soapstone with the lampwork is wonderful.

  2. Oh, I feel such peace and harmony when I look at these!

  3. Somehow I never really noticed the white leaves until you called them out. I've also never seen white soapstone but it is certainly fascinating. Love your take on the inspiration art