Monday, June 22, 2015

My Show at Art in the Park -- a Recap of the Highlights and Lows

Kathy Lindemer of Bay Moon Design-  handmade jewelry and cards at Art in the Park

With goal of bringing arts to the community and promoting artwork by local artists, the Millsboro Art League in Delaware held its 2nd Outdoor Art Show on Saturday, June 20, 2015 in Cupola Park, a waterfront park at the eastern entrance to Millsboro Town Center. There was a wonderful selection of artwork, photography, pottery, fiber art, stained and fused glass, painted objects and furniture, and jewelry. I was one of two jewelry artists. This was a first for me. I am use to a show being 50% jewelry or at least it seems that way.

The day did not start off well due to Mother Nature and the Weather Channel.  Of course I monitored the weather carefully everyday leading up to the outdoor show and the morning of the show. I was hoping I wouldn't need a tent.  Jewelry shows better in the sun and I am don't like to wrestle with a tent. There was a zero percent chance of rain so I didn't even pack a plastic tarp.  The moment I entered the park at 7:15 a.m. there was a downpour.  After it stopped raining and I located my setup spot, I began unpacking all my "stuff".  Soon there after, we had another downpour.  At this point my table cloths were soaked.  Being resourceful, I used some of my bubble wrap which I had packed some of my delicate items in to cover the table to prevent water damage to my jewelry and cases that go on the table.  When the rain stopped I finished setting up and then there was another downpour.  Next I used the lids of my plastic bins that hold all of my "stuff" and more of my bubble wrap to protect my setup.  Thank goodness, there was no more rain just heat and humidity.  Thank goodness for bubble wrap!
Paintings by John Donato

I took advantage of the opportunity to see some of the work by the artists there.  As you probably know, I love cats so John Donato's cat painting in the lower right corner caught my eye.  I love his whimsical style.  John specializes in creating art with "Smile Impact".   John is very well known for his transformational mural work in schools. His art projects help children, teachers, and administrators reinforce educational and social goals using mural painting.  I also discovered John has a Etsy store just like I do!

Photography by Carl Forsberg
 I have to give a shootout to Carl Forsberg.  He helped me get into the show.  Carl was at the Delaware by Hand Show that I did in Lewes over Memorial Day and gave me his email on a slip of paper with his schedule of shows for the year when I purchased some of his gorgeous cards.  Great idea to make a schedule for your customers and good advertisement for the shows!  I plan on doing this.

                                     From Jeff Todd Moore's art series of Delaware Beach scenes

Another shoutout goes to artist Jeff Todd Moore the organizer of the Art in the Park show.
Jeff Moore is a native of Delaware, and as a resident of southern Delaware. He does stained glass panels, photography and paintings that feature many of the things he sees around him, from the back bays and creeks, to the ocean and the boardwalks. 

Tiny Treasure Boxes by Ginny Barney
I also spotted Ginny Barney and her darling "treasure boxes" she creates from old cigar boxes. She was at  Delaware by Hand Show that I did in Lewes over Memorial Day also.

 I loved being in this show with these talented local artists.  Southern Delaware is certainly growing its art events and artists!

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