Saturday, July 11, 2015

Backstory to Publishing in the 2015 issue of Create Jewelry

2015 issue of Create Jewelry 
I just received my complimentary copy of the new and super sized  2015 issue of Create Jewelry in the mail.  The magazine was packaged along with my earrings that are featured in it.  I also got back 3 other pieces of my jewelry that were considered for publication.  I dove into the magazine right away.  It is packed with 50 new and trend setting design and I am happy to be a small part of it.

Minimalist Earrings by Bay Moon Design
Have you ever wondered how a piece of jewelry ends up in a beading magazine?  To begin the process for this issue, we were given color palettes to use as our inspiration.  My published piece ended up being submitted by me to an "Earth Tone" color palette.  You can see that how these earrings work with that palette.  I was the one that named the earrings Minimalist.

These chocolate brown and beige ceramic earrings have an rustic and earth look to them. The ceramics are made by Marsha Neal Studio.  I used natural brass ear wires from Vintaj.  The natural brass ear wires go great with the colors in the ceramics and give them an bohemian look. Minimalist, simple, lovely, go with anything. They are available for purchase HERE.

Earthy Necklace by Bay Moon Design

I also had 3 other pieces of jewelry that were considered. By considered, I mean I was asked to send them to Create Jewelry.  Once there the company looks at all of the pieces that they are considering. They then select the ones that will appear together in the issue.  This earthy necklace was considered for the same "Earth Tones" section.  I used a vintage lucite focal that is layered on top of a triangular shaped handmade piece of brass. I  added some natural brass chain and Irish Waxed Linen thread to suspend the focal and attach the beads. Orange and gold print fabric is woven through the chain. I added a handmade copper clasp to completed the rustic necklace. Looking at the issue, I can see why the company was interested in the necklace.  Clearly, it is earth tones.  

Turquoise Boho Earrings by Bay Moon Design

These turquoise earrings were also considered for the "Jewel Tones" section which included a palette of orange, turquoise, green, brown.  These handmade turquoise earrings combine turquoise Irish Linen thread and turquoise polymer clay beads made by artisan Saraccino. A few white seed beads are added for contract and color. The bohemian earrings have a wonderful boho look or tribal look. They are available for purchase HERE.

Champagne Sunset Necklace by Bay Moon Design
Another piece that I was asked to send in is what I call my Champagne Sunset Necklace. I submitted it for the same "Jewel Tone" palette section. 

The beautiful peach orange crystals and turquoise chalk beads remind me of the colors of the sunset. The blue necklace has lots of sparkle. I used gorgeous hand dyed peaches and cream silk ribbons as the means to close it.

I am thrilled to have my pair of earrings included in this issue along with jewelry by 22 other designers.  The issue even has a photo of all the designers and a small bio of each.

I think you can see that a designer goes through-- looking at submission criteria, creating the jewelry, photographing it, writing descriptions and directions, submitting, mailing accepted pieces etc. What is the reward? The thrill of seeing your piece in the publication along with other designers that you admire.

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  1. Congratulations, Kathy. How exciting to see your work in print and celebrate along with you! Great designs, all, but I especially love your Turquoise Boho earrings.