Monday, July 13, 2015

UFO's-Unfinished Objects

Unfinished Objects not to be confused with Unidentified Flying Objects
                                                               photo by K Lindemer

Art jewelry Elements sponsored a UFO challenge--unfinished objects The challenge was simple.  

Pile of Beads that I Selected as Candidates for a Jellyfish Necklace
Collect up piles of half done work, those that you put into a draw and forgot about, the ones that you just could not find the right beads for or just lost interest in, the pieces you are not happy with and need to remake/rework, the works in progress....Gather them all up, and get them finished (or be brave and rip them apart and start again if they really do not work) so that you can move on to the next project with a clear mind or more importantly a clear desk.  Join the linky party to show off your newly completed treasures.

Completed Jellyfish Necklace by Bay Moon Design
I have a number of projects that would fit into this challenge, but I only finished one--my jellyfish necklace.  This blue necklace has an artisan ceramic jellyfish pendant by Suburban Girl Studio.    I attached it to some sea unique circular beads with blue Irish Waxed linen thread to give it an ocean look. This jellyfish necklace has white and powder blue cultured glass beads contrasted with oval, gray beads. This beach necklace is great fun and perfect with a casual outfit. This necklace is created to remind you of summer fun, the ocean and its underwater creatures.   I am glad that I finished it when there is still lots of summer left.  It is available for purchase HERE.


  1. A really lovely design Kathy, I love how you have used the glass loop! The linky app is open for two weeks so if you do finish off any more feel free to add another link!

  2. Turned out great! I have a jellyfish I need to do something with!